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Forecast your Hotel’s Revenue for the Upcoming Season

The concept of revenue management boils down to the optimization of financial results. By analyzing sales trends and forecasting results, using historical scenarios, price strategies are adjusted to maximize revenues. It originated in the airline industry in the 1980’s, as they were trying to optimize their financial results. Dynamic pricing …

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Menu Engineering for Your Restaurant

What is Menu Engineering and Why do you need it? Menu engineering is a marketing oriented approach to the evaluation of current and future menu pricing, design and content decisions. Menu engineering is a quantitative model designed to provide a basis for analyzing a menu’s success both in terms of …

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New Age Rules to Online Hotel Sales

The hotel and hospitality market is warming up and the battle is shifting to the World Wide Web as customer are trend towards online means for travel inspiration and bookings. The internet offers both direct and indirect channels to capture a customer at different levels of your marketing funnel and …

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Dealing with Miscreant OTAs

The fundamental purpose of a Rate Parity Agreement between an OTA and a Hotel is to secure overall integrity of rates across the internet. Thereby offering a fair chance to both parties to make a sale. One could even go so far as to say that it would be fair …

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Top Hospitality Trends for 2015

The Indian populace has been evolving steadily and the pockets of disposable income have been shifting to accommodate leisure travel. The Millennials are dictating the spending habits in the market and are not weary of spending a little extra on small creature comforts. That being the domestic scenario, the travel …

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