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DJUBO New Feature Release

DJUBO is Upgrading week after week

In this release we will highlight some unique upgrades in our system

Release on 13 Oct 2017

Blacklisting of OTAs on properties

If while fetching bookings/rate sync/inventory sync, authorization error is being received in OTA response , respective property would get blacklisted for that OTA.

Reasons for blacklisting could be any OTA being disconnected from Channel Manager , but is connected in Djubo , Invalid Login Details etc. Once an OTA has been blacklisted for a particular property, no inventory sync/rate sync or booking fetch would be proceeded for the respective property for that OTA.

Unmapped Hotel Bookings

For any booking being pushed to Djubo, and if hotel id in the booking XML has not been mapped in Djubo, an entry would get added in the Unmapped Hotel Bookings table.

Mapping Issues

Rate Plan Missing and Category Missing failures for the bookings would get listed under this table.
Once the respective rate plan and category has been mapped , respective booking could be reprocessed.
Reprocess Time and Status is visible as well to verify the status of the booking and time of booking creation.

Auto Extend Rate Plan Settings for Cleartrip

We have added a new flag for auto extending of Rate Plans on Cleartrip.
This service would run every month to check for the expiry of rate plans.
If Auto Extend has been enabled , auto extension for the mapped rate plans would be done along with rate and inventory sync.
Option to manually extend the rate plan has been added on the mapping screen.

Rate/Inventory Verification services

Rate and Inventory Verification services has been implemented for Desiya/Agoda/Booking.Com/Expedia/Cleartrip/Goibibo to avoid the rate and inventory disparity.

Timezone Handling

Timezone Handling has been done for Instaconnekt Bookings/Rate and Inventory sync calls.

Warning Popup for Unmapped Rate Plans

For any OTA, if all rate plans are not being mapped in Djubo , while connecting any OTA, a warning popup has been implemented for the same

Release on 9 Oct 2017

In order History Activity log

In order history Activity log will be visible by default.

Below Msg would be displayed

below msg would be displayed if there are no items in the outlet.

Item marked as complementary would be displayed as NC in an Invoice

Item marked as complementary would be displayed as NC in an Invoice (Earlier was marked with a star).

GST on Commission

Label of the Tax Type has been changed from service tax to GST on Commission in Payment emails sent to hotels.

Closed Status

Closed Status will be displayed as Settled.

Button changed 'Proceed to Billing'

Text of the Button changed from 'Generate Bill' to 'Proceed to Billing'.

Hard Block/Unblock Inventory

Now, User would be able to hard block/unblock inventory in a bulk.

Print Room Proforma Invoice

User will now be able to print Room Proforma invoice in case of hold voucher.

POS Release on 5 Oct 2017

Payment Dashboard Version 2.0

Any dangling payment ( Payment being done from Quick Pay without any voucher Id ) would be visible in Payment dashboard with a link as Link to Voucher Id .

Any dangling payment could now be linked with any voucher/enquiry whose outstanding amount is less or equal to the payment amount i.e total txn amount (total transaction amount).

History Log

Changes in the payment could be linking of payment, amount being changed etc.

Added New Advanced filters

New Advanced filters have been added in Payment Dashboard named as Last modified Dates to filter the Payments being modified on the basis of date being modified.

Search Payments Field on Voucher

Payments could be linked from Vouchers as well using Search Payments field on Voucher while adding any Payment
User can search the payment less or equal to the outstanding amount using the Payment Reference Id.

History Tracking

History Tracking for the linking any payment through voucher or payment dashboard would be visible in Activity Logs.

Payment linked to enquiry from Payment Dashboard

For any payment being linked to enquiry from Payment Dashboard would not confirm the enquiry to a voucher, user has to do it manually.

Enable Add Payments on View Mode :

Payments could now be added to vouchers(confirm/hold/cancelled/No show) or Enquiry in View Mode as well.

E collect could not be added for Vouchers being marked as Cancelled or No Show.

Print Receipt option has been added with each payment in View Mode

For any payment that is not received , basically the unpaid E collect Payments , Print Receipt would not be visible .

Place of Supply has been added in Order Invoice / Extras Invoice on POS and CRS as well.

This will be displayed for properties with country as India. Place of Supply would be State Name being mentioned in the Property Details Section.

Added Vendor Name

Vendor Name has been added on Bill Summary / Room Proforma Invoice and Room Invoice

Invoice Related Changes

No of Nights have been added on Bill Summary / Room Invoice / Room Proforma Invoice as well .

For International Properties Tax Percentage have been removed

For International Properties, Tax Percentage have been removed from Room Invoice/Extras Invoices in CRS and POS as well.

Label changed Property contact no

Label for Property contact no has been changed from M to Ph in all invoices/Bill Summary on CRS. Same has been handled in POS as well .

POS Orders Invoices/Room Invoice

Invoice No field has been added in the header of POS Orders Invoices/Room Invoice when Header is Disabled

In Order Summary

In Order Summary, being downloaded from POS, Invoice No Column has been added.

Bill Summary

New design for Bill Summary has been implemented to optimize space .

OTA Pre-paid Bookings for Domestic properties, properties being set on India GST, following change has been done in Payments

For Domestic Properties (Properties being set on India GST ) : A payment would be added on Voucher with mode as Credit Note and billing preference would always be set to Guest by default in Bill Room To.

Release on 4 Oct 2017

Now, A pop up would get displayed while checking out a booking in case same room was occupied in past day and the resepective voucher on the past day has not been checked out.

Number of rooms left now would be displayed against a room category only when equal the count is less than or to the number of rooms searched by the guest.

Booking Database

User would now be able to manually wide the Column of all fields in Booking database.

Now Date of order creation would get displayed along with the order in the voucher when any Order is being Pushed to Room.

Now, while settling the order using Push to room, room list would be sorted by room number in the drop down.

A new column named "total" has been added in category availability Report in which total no of room will be displayed date wise.

Release on 27 Sept 2017

New Tab for New Feature Released

A new tab called "NEW FEATURE RELEASED" has been implemented in the main menu of booking chart by which user can see New Feature Releases by djubo every Week.

Currency Format in Email Notifications/Reports

From now user would be able to see the price format as per currency set at property level. This would be reflected in all email notifications (including CRS/Booking-engine, OTA), Reports, SMSs etc as well.

On Actuals Option

A feature where you just need to mark a flag for the property named as "On actuals" at the time of registration and it will pick all BE/QP commission calculation from the commission set for PAYU. Hence in case you have to change commission for PAYU, it will be reflected automatically for all properties which are running on actuals. And commission will be deduct according to the amount you pay to PayU.
Note : Booking Engine/QP commission for new properties AMEX and Internation Value has been Updated.
1. International Cards = 2.75%
2. AMEX = 3.35%

TripAdvisor CPA (Cost per Action)

After enabling TripAdvisor CPA, DJUBO will be promoting your website on TripAdvisor as its official site.Note: TripAdvisor Cost per Action booking flow is same as of TripAdvisor Cost per Click..

Pay at Hotel Notification Colour Update

Color of Pay at hotel and Active enquiries have been changed to green now.
Note : if Enquiry is Active color gets changed to green else it will remain the same if Enquiry is inactive.

App Release on 26 Sept 2017

Rate Setup/Rate Grid Feature

A new tab as Rate Setup has been implemented into the slider menu at booking chart by which user can create/delete/edit rate plan and define rates for these rate plans(including bar rate plan,package plan and also rack rate plans) as CRS.

Rate Sync Feature

Now user can map rate plan/package plan and also rack rate plan by navigating to the rate planner tab under rate setup tab. Rate setup->Rate planner tab

Rate setup->Rate planner->Bar calendar->Select date range->Select rate plan->Apply

Unicode Character Support

User can see and define Unicode characters in all user editable fields in mobile app as well.

Price Decimal

User can define rates in decimal value under for any rate plan/package plan and also rack rate plan under rate setup tab. Same would be reflected at all places where amount displays.

Currency Format/Date time format

Date/time format and currency format would be displayed as locale set at property level.

Check-in/Checkout time

Two fields check-in and check-out time have been added at booking source screen at create/edit voucher by which user can set check-in/check-out time.

Block Carge Payment

A new option Block charge checkbox has been added at payment pop by which hotelier can add any payment as a block charge amount.

Time Zone

Time zone changes has been implemented in mobile app as well and functionality would be work same as CRS. Date and time would get displayed as per property time zone.

Add direct button to call Guest and Agent

Now user can directly call guest and agent through mobile app.
Call icon would be displayed just next guest and agent phone number and this would not be work for guest/agent phon number added in cc option.

Release on 09 Sept 2017

Print Option for No Show and Cancel Voucher.

Now User will be able to Print Bill Summary for Noshow and Cancel Voucher as well.

Currency format in Email Notifications/Reports

From now user would be able to see the price format as per currency set at property level .This would be reflected in all email notifications(including CRS/Booking-engine,OTA),Reports,SMSs etc as well.

Print Option for No Show and Cancel Voucher.

Now User will be able to Print Bill Summary for Noshow and Cancel Voucher as well.

Release on 05 Sept 2017

Setting up GST in Djubo

(a) A global setting has been created in the 'Property Details' of settings, which can be accessed and set by Super Admin (DJUBO Support Team). Property Admin/Account Admins can view the setting. The settings is being named as Tax Type ( a dropdown ) having two options - namely "India GST" & "General". To enable a property to India GST , you need to select India GST as Tax Type field .

(b) After enabling following details being auto-populated and being non-editable:

1. Tax Rule for GST settings with validity range from date when India GST for the respective property is enabled to forever in future.
2. Tax components inside the rule with GST slabs. These will be compliant to Govt. notifications i.e. CGST & SGST.
3. User will not be required to setup any other tax setting for enabling the property for India GST.
Taxes would always be applied on Discounted Net Rate but the Tax Percentage Slab would always be calculated on the Discounted Net Rate or Rack Rate ( whichever is higher). If rack rates are not defined, system would still calculate taxes based on voucher sell rates, but we encourage users to define rack rates to be compliant to GST.

(c) Meal Plan Settings

Hotel would be required to setup the Meal Plan charges in the 'Special Items Mapping' section in Property Admin section under 'Rate Setup'. These values are required for the system to calculate 'Room Only price from total price.

(d) Extra Person Settings

No. of extra persons and its cost, would automatically be picked up from Djubo's category settings and defined rates in Rate plan settings. This will be deducted from total price along with Meal plan rates, to arrive at the 'Room only price'.

(e) GSTN Number

GSTN Number field has been added to Property Details, (a non mandatory field) which would appear in Room Invoice / Extras Invoice / Bill Summary/ POS Orders as well if specified.
Note : If GSTN No for the property is already added in Invoice Settings , shall not be added then in Property Details as would then appear twice on Invoices in Statutory Ids and Property GSTN field as well.

(f) SAC Codes

Any property being moved to India GST would have a default Room SAC code as 996311. Same would be visible on Room Invoice/ Room Proforma Invoice along with each Room Category .

UI Changes for GSTN no. on Guest Pop-up and Agency Popup

A new section has been added on Guest Popup as Add Official Information to add company details (if guests requires company number to be mentioned on Invoice). GST No. specified along with the Guest(Company Info)/Agency would be visible on Invoices if Billed to Agent or Company.

Invoices Preferences can be set in name of Company

If billing preference is set for Company, Invoice will be created in the name of the Company with GSTN number added with the Company Details.Note : Company Information added with the Guest would be specific to voucher.

Billing Preference can now be Changed after Check-in

Until the hotel marks the voucher as Check-out or Checkout and Release Room billing preference can be update

Bill to Company in POS Option has been Added

Company name & other details including GSTN has been added with POS orders along with Add Guest option. Once Guest Company Information is added on POS Order, POS Bill ( Bill Extras To ) would be generated for Company.

Company/Agency GSTN Info in Reservation Summary Download

Columns have been added in Reservation Summary for Guest Company Information along with the voucher for your accounting.

Add GST Option in Guest Popup

Columns have been added in Reservation Summary for Guest Company Information along with the voucher for your accounting.

Option to Add Agency GST Number

A new field GST No. has been added at Add/Update Agency popup to add agency GST number.

Ota Vouchers in Djubo to Comply With Gst Guidelines

A new tab has been added in Tax Setup section --> General Tax Setting. (1) If Apply Taxes as on Djubo is selected, taxes for OTA vouchers would be calculated according to the taxes being defined in Djubo.
(2) If Apply Taxes as on OTA is selected, taxes for OTA vouchers would be visible as it is on voucher as being sent by OTA

Changes in OTA Vouchers

A new field named as Tax has been added for OTA vouchers if apply taxes as on OTA is selected under OTA Tax settings. This functionality would be worked same as web.

Release on 21 Aug 2017

(POS App) Settlement Option

Now, you can view how an order was settled, whether paid by card, or cash, or added to room folio or, partial payment by cash and partial by card.

(POS App) Served By Option

Served By option would now be visible in app as the user serving this order, who's name is mention in MTP --> View staff to manage POS and it will also be visible on list of orders as well.

Release on 08 Aug 2017

Internal Print Option

To print invoices, that contain internal notes, for office use, now you can use the Reservation (Int.) button when printing.

Added Latitude and Longitude

Longitude and Latitude values would be fetched according to the location map URL being provided and if incorrect Location map URL, latitude and longitude value for the respective url would not get fetched.

BE Widget Filtering

Now we can design a separate widget for Chain Website. For example : Parellel Resort has 15 property, on-boarded in one DJUBO account but they have two separate websites: & But, they want abc's properties and city name to be visible in widget on website and 123's properties and city name to be visible on website: For inquiry/integration contact your marketing manager.

Mark Invalid Credit Card

An option to mark the credit card as invalid has been added for bookings. Once a credit card has been marked invalid, it would be visible with the info icon along with the card details and on extranet as well.

Disable Header on Invoice

Now you have the option to remove the header information when printing invoices by selecting the "Disable header on invoice" in the printer settings section.

Auto e-collect for Tripadvisor Instant bookings

Now, a you can send e-collect link to your guests with Tripadvisor instant booking voucher through MTP -> Reservation settings -> Auto e-collect

E collect for Booking Source

Now e-collect can be sent according to its booking sources and detail will get populated accordingly on pop-up e-collect window. E-collect for Agent would be visible if booking source will be OTA/Agent/GDS type vouchers , Company will be Corp type and Only Guest will be Direct/Booking Engine vouchers.

Block Charge

A new optionof block charge has been added at payment pop by which you can add any payment as a block charge amount. For Example: If you need a security deposit from client but do not want that amount to re adjusted in the total voucher outstanding amount, then you can mark that payment as block charge. This payment will reflect in the voucher with info icon , that its not an actual realise payment.

Mobile App Release on 01 Aug 2017

Give Us Your Feedback

Now you can provide us feedback for our mobile apps anytime by choosing "Feedback" from the slider menu.

Snake Bar Message

Now snake bar messages would get displayed for the better clarity of user.
For Instance: If user login into the mobile app then below message would get appeared.

  • Case 1: If user login into the mobile app then below message would get appeared.
  • Case 2: If user creates a voucher by selecting room through booking chart, below message would get appeared.

User Roles and Permissions

The DJUBO Mobile Apps now implement the roles & permissions as per designated in the DJUBO system.

Reporting No-shows On Mobile App

Now users can report no-shows in the same way as done in the DJUBO Web App.

Call Us Feature

User could now call to specific zonal support by call us option which would displayed at sign-in screen.

Release on 31 July 2017

Tax Components Now Visible in Invoices

Now applied tax percentage would also be visible with tax component name in invoices & bill summaries.

Stay Restrictions

You can now restrict the bookings in the following manner: MinLOS (minimum length of stay), CTA, CTD, Close out dates. These rules can be applied in various combinations of selected time periods, rate plans, room categories and meal plans.
To create a rule go to Manage this Property --> Rate setup --> Restriction Rules

  • MinLOS (Minimum Length of Stay)
  • CTA (Close to arrival)
  • CTD (Close to Departure)

POS APP Release on 28 July 2017

Printer Settings

POS Mobile App can now connect to your wi-fi printer or Epson Bluetooth thermal printers to print KOTs & Invoices.

Release Table and Add Table

Release Table and Add Table functionality has been provided with Mobile App as well for releasing table orders and adding new orders.

(POS) Invoice Printing

To generate a bill or invoice in the POS Mobile App, user needs to click on "Generate Bill" and then click "Print".

New Header

This includes Table NO or Room No., Served By , Created on , and Settlement. Settlement would be Room only if the order is being pushed to Room. Served By would be by default the login staff name but could be changed from the drop down .

New Design for Sign-in/Sign-up Page has been uploaded

Releases on 25 July 2017

Added Payment Terms Link

You can now configure Payment Terms to be shown on an invoice for any type of booking sources.

Billing for Add-ons

Add-ons can now be billed to either Guests or Agents as defined in billing preferences. Please note that to generate a separate invoice for add-ons billed to agents, the guest has to be "Checked-out" and the Room Released.

Agent Contact Visible on Voucher

Agent Contact Name/Contact No would now be visible on Voucher in View Mode

Statutory IDs and Logos Would Now Be Specific to Outlets in POS App

Same could be configured under Each Outlet and would be displayed accordingly in Extras Invoice/ POS Orders Invoice along with the property logo according to the Order being generated for respective outlet.

Paid by Option

Paid By Option has been added for each payment on Voucher to specify whether the payment is paid by Agent or Guest.

E-collect Could Now Be Generated for Agent/Guest Depending on the Booking Source Selected for the Voucher

Accordingly the details would get populated in the E collect popup , and the same could be sent to the respective Agent/Guest. Agent would be visible in case of OTA/Agent/GDS type vouchers , Company for Corp type and Guest for Direct/Booking Engine vouchers.

Vouchers Will Now Display Check-in and Check-out Time

Check-in and Check-out time on voucher would now be visible on vouchers according to the Check-in and Check-out time set in Manage This Property - > Policies.

Block & Unblock in Activity Logs

Hard blocks & unblocks will now be tracked in the activity log of your account.

Meal Plan Information Will Now be Visible on Voucher Bin Cards

For a voucher with 2 or more rooms on different meal plans, the rooms & associated meal plans would be displayed on the voucher.

Subtotal Added to Bill Summary

A subtotal field has been added in the bill summary, which represents the total net amount without taxes.

Releases on 24 July 2017

Block Charge Payment Feature

A new option - Block Charge has been added when you "Add/Update Payment". Clicking the checkbox will allow you to set a block charge amount. This block charge amount would not be considered as a payment but would not get deducted from the total amount.

This message would be displayed with icon just right to any payment added as block charge.

Price in Currency Format Feature

From now Currency format in amount field would be displayed according to property currency which is defined under MTP. This price in currency format would be displayed at voucher amount/addon amount/at POS/Insight etc.

Also If user creates a voucher by selecting currency other then set in the property through Booking engine ,the selected currency format will be displayed with i icon but quick pay payment will be added with voucher as per property currency.


  • Date/Time format and currency format is not implemented yet for notifications/reports and for MTP.
  • Currency format in all db downloads would be specific to system currency instead of property currency.

Date and Time format Feature

From now all standards date and time format would be displayed according to property currency under MTP. This will effect at voucher/activity logs/POS/Insight etc.

Releases on 07 July 2017

Price Decimal Feature

Now user would be able to define rates is decimal value under manage this property till two digits after decimal.

Also user can define order item price in decimal value under price planner.

Also user can also define order item price in decimal value under price planner.

Enable terms & conditions Tab

A New option enable terms and conditions has been added under Booking engine->Settings. If it is marked as OFF then I Agree checkbox will be displayed as unchecked at review and pay page on booking engine otherwise marked as checked.

It would be compulsory now to marked I agree checkbox is as checked on booking engine,if it is not marked as checked , alert message would be displayed.

Customized Meal Plans

Now user can define customized meal plan name and its abbreviation name itself


Two fields check-in and check-out time have been added on voucher,by which hotelier can set guest's check-in and check-out time. This information would be reflected only in internal emails and voucher history tracking.

Multi Lingual text in fields

Now user would also be able to enter characters in other language and this would get reflected at all palaces where it displays.

Credit Capture for Pay@hotel Booking Engine

Now user can make payment through credit card details. If Credit Card enabled option is marked as "yes" so user would be able to give credit card details and only credit card details would be linked with voucher.

Time Zone Feature

Time Zone has been implemented now for international property.By this feature ,date and time would get displayed according to property time zone. Also Reservation chart would be loaded according to property time zone.

Gross Amount before/after Price overriding

New Columns have been added in Reservation Summary related to Price Overriding done on Voucher. Now user would be able to see Gross Amount before/after Price overriding done on Voucher.

Releases on 19 May 2017

Payment Dashboard

New header has been added as Payments in the Side Navigation on Djubo CRS.

Payments could be searched on the basis of Voucher Id / Guest Name /Booking Reference Id as well.

Room Swapping Activity Log

You can swap room voucher if client wishes for different room (eg. Room 3 changed to Room 4)

In voucher edit you will see that room swapping activity has been recorded in activity log.

StarSight ranking and rating

From now hotel ranking and rating on Tripadvisor, Google,, Airbnb, Facebook and will be display on StartSight dashboard and reports.

eg. These ranks and rating will automatically update and you will be able to handle multiple OTA single handedly

Training and Help Library

You can find this in DJUBO menu bar which has Hindi, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Bahasa Indonesian language training video and can also schedule Basic and Advance Training.

DJUBO Marketplace

You can find DJUBO Marketplace in menu bar, which aids you with anything from reducing operational costs to delivering an enhanced guest experience to gaining financial assistance.

Price Override Feature

In voucher edit you can find the override price by which Respective reservation would then be created for the amount entered using Override Price feature.

Auto eCollect for

Auto E-collect feature for Pay at hotel OTA bookings. Gives hotels the advantage over last minute cancellations or no shows. By using this feature send custom payment link and collect advance.

Select rooms directly from CRS for Hold/Confirm Voucher

User would be able to select multiple rooms through multiple selections at CRS then select rooms and clicks on and 3 options would be displayed by which user can create hold/confirm voucher and block rooms.

Price Override Feature for Enquiry/Hold/Confirm Voucher

User can now create the reservation for any price using Override Price button on while creating a Reservation. Respective reservation would then be created for the amount entered using Override Price feature.

Bill Summary section at View/Preview Screen

Now User would be able to see voucher bill summary at view/preview screen.

Bill Summary section at View/Preview Screen

User could now select billing preferences on the voucher. This section will appear on Guest detail screen. This functionality would work same as web.

CRS Scrolling in reverse direction

Now user can move in reverse direction through CRS to see past booking.

E-collect functionality at bin card

E-collect functionality has been added to bin card as well in mobile app,would work as web.

POS Mobile Application

New DJUBO mobile application has been launched, with this you can manage your restaurant orders, KOT, Spa etc.