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What is DJUBO?

DJUBO is a Cloud-based Hotel Sales and Operations Management System. It is used globally by thousands of hotels and integrates multiple hotel systems into a single platform for seamless hotel management. DJUBO offers in a single package:

Centralized Reservation System • Front Office Management System • Auto-sync Channel Manager • Website Direct Booking Engine • Website CMS • Hotel Sales Analytics • Price Comparision Widget • Management via  Smartphone App • TripAdvisor TripConnect • Google Hotel Ads • POS Management (Coming Soon) • Property Management System (Coming Soon)

Who Can Become a DJUBO Reseller?

DJUBO’s inherent benefit to hotels and accommodation providers, and a high demand for an integrated system such as this, allows anyone that works closely with hotels to easily discover new business opportunities with DJUBO.

Some of our partners such as central reservation agencies and travel agents, not only help hotels adopt a powerful tool but also use DJUBO themselves to deliver superior auxiliary sales and reservation management services.

Hotel Consultants

Revenue Management Agencies

Web & Software Developers

Central Reservation Offices

Offline Travel Agents

Hotel Marketing Agencies

Why Become a DJUBO Reseller?

To begin with, we share revenues throughout the customer lifecycle and not just a one-time commission like most other software reseller programs. Apart from that, DJUBO is an easy sell…

DJUBO has seen a phenomenal growth, with over 1,400 hotels adopting the platform in just 9 months since launch. From hoteliers shifting from existing systems to hoteliers deciding to use software for the first time, seasoned revenue managers to first-time hospitality entrepreneurs, we have had them all. Offering a comprehensive set of tools in an easy to use interface has been our strength that has allowed us to rapidly capture the hospitality software solution market.

And we are hungrier still. As we grow, you shall too.

Revenue Sharing Throughout Customer Lifecycle

Extensive Marketing, Technical & Product Support

Phenomenal Product Adoption, Higher Sales Potential for You

What Does DJUBO Offer its Resellers?

We consider our resellers our partners and an extension of our team.  Being a part of our team, you help us shape our continuously evolving product to better suit the markets you are in, so you can sell better. We provide training, tools, and marketing support where required and pave the way for you to generate higher sales and more profits for both yourselves and us.

Moreover, if you so choose, you only need to manage the sales, while we take care of client onboarding and post-sales support.

Interested? Fill out the form and our reseller program manager will get in touch with you to clarify any questions you may have and take the partnership forward.


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