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DJUBO’s Fireball is a fully managed marketing & advertising solution for hotels, that works on a fixed commission basis rather than a pay-per-click model of traditional online advertising options with partners like Google Hotel Ads & TripAdvisor.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

DJUBO fireball makes everything much simpler !

Who can start using DJUBO fireball?
You need to have the DJUBO Booking Engine active for your hotel in order to use DJUBO Fireball services. Additionally, you also need to have an active Google Local Business Listing. Learn more about Google Business Listing here.
Are there any setup costs or other integration costs involved?
Absolutely none! You only need to pay the fixed commission when you get a confirmed booking & we keep the show running for you.
Is the DJUBO Booking Engine must to start using DJUBO fireball?
Yes. The Fireball service & Google Hotel Ads are integrated to the DJUBO Booking Engine to provide rates & inventory, allow guests to make a reservation, collect guest payments & transfer it to your bank.
Is there any way to use the service if we have a different booking engine?
Yes. However, you will need to manually update your room inventory & rates on the DJUBO Booking Engine in addition to your existing booking engine. Learn more about the DJUBO Booking Engine here.
How to get this service activated for our hotel?
If you are a not an existing client, click here & fill out the form, our team will get in touch to explain how you can get started.
If you are an existing DJUBO Client, DJUBO Fireball is activated for you by default. However, if you wish to deactivate the services click here
Do I have to pay for bookings that get cancelled later?
No. You only pay for bookings in which the guest stays with you. If there is a cancellation, simply cancel it in your DJUBO dashboard. However, for bookings where an online payment has been made, there will be a basic deduction of Standard Booking Engine Charges as per cancellation policy dictated in your DJUBO Booking Engine Agreement.