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5 Brilliant Tactics to Have Customers Flooding Your Hotel this Festive Season

Festive Season - Djubo

Festive season is an off season for the hotel industry and can be a big blow to profits. This is because everyone is busy planning family get-togethers and most people don’t prefer getting away from their city during this time. It is the time to be home and invite guests over.
Take the case of Holi, for instance. The festival of colours is just around the corner and people are prepping up for a good Holi party already. Want to be wicked and change their plans? Yes, YOU CAN.

Here is how you can get them all flocking in while others simply wonder how you managed to accomplish the feat.

  1. Change their venue
  2. How grand will be the festival if celebrated in your hotel? Why celebrate at home when you can add a touch of luxury to the colours, right here at our plush hotel? Well, a similar kind of conversation needs to circulate on your social media and other marketing platforms two weeks prior to the festival. Make their plans of celebrating a festival at home look very small and uninteresting as compared to the fun they will have when they celebrate it at your venue.

    Make it larger than life and plan a special Holi event at your hotel. This will urge them to think out-of-the-box and come to your hotel with their friends and family to celebrate. The event will be a hit and your hotel will be the one to create wonderful memories for them on this special festival.

  3. Flash sales
  4. Very effective when it comes to room bookings, this strategy is quite fool proof. “50% off on all our rooms, if you book for the following dates” sounds interesting. Doesn’t it? Such a trap for your customers when you mention just two to three dates surrounding the festival!

    Let them be confused and then succumb to the irresistible offer. Holi can be celebrated at your hotel for sure, but can they ever get such a great deal again? Possibly not!

    Reach their email inboxes and make them feel like they can’t ever get this kind of an offer again. This is bound to urge them to book it. Splash it all over your social media as well. The more the merrier!

    Tree of life - Case Study

  5. Upgrades
  6. Just like flash sales, an upgrade is another good bait. As compared to flash sales, here you need to simply offer an upgrade to a room of the next level. Now, everyone is aware that a suite is almost three to four times costlier than a deluxe room. Offer this royal treatment at the cost of a deluxe room. They can celebrate the festival of Holi with their friends and family in one big happy suite, making all their luxurious dreams come true!

    Do not hesitate in making them realize what they will be losing and missing if they don’t take up this offer during Holi. You will have the last laugh.

  7. Be the spy
  8. What are CRMs for? Analyze all the guest data that you have and use it to exploit their needs. Every guest has certain preferences and you can use this information to grab their attention. Mr Malhotra likes cheesecakes and a sea facing room? No problem. Out you go with a massive discount on a sea facing room and complementary cheesecake on arrival only for Mr Malhotra and family. Let’s see if he can resist it!

    There is no better way to get your guests’ attention than giving them exactly what they like, that too at slashed prices. When you already have all that information, why not leverage it for your benefit in the festive season?

  9. The frills
  10. Discounts, events and upgrades are all good and to make them even better add something more. A special play area for kids on the day of the festival so that everyone gets to enjoy. A free pass to senior citizens, a free third night if someone books two, a complimentary dinner, et al. Make it more special with the creative frills. After all, being in the hospitality industry, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to pamper your guests!

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Well, don’t dread the impending festivities anymore. You can change the ball game by simply following these tactics which are sure to take your profits higher than you had imagined.
Now there is no such thing as off-season for your hotel. You know your guests well and that should be your biggest tool to lure them back over and over again. It is time to pamper the bird in hand and invite the ones in the bush too!

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