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Good Things Come in Small Hotel packages!

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In this age of ‘more is more’, it is easier to skim over the smaller things that could help push our business forward. Doing more has somewhat become a blanket rule for achieving more. However, this theory does not consider the power of context. Sometimes, a small change can do the trick. The difference between hard work and smart work needs to be understood.

The hotel industry is not an exception to this rule. You do not have to necessarily invest millions, increase staff fivefold, make huge long-term plans or try every trick in the book to cut costs. To increase business, all you need to do Is target the small things, the ones that get ignored and never make a respectable mention in business plans. Packages! And just the smaller ones at that.

Designing packages for your hotel requires a minimum investment, a little research and a lot of willingness to serve particular needs of your customers. The rewards are huge. This alone has a huge potential in putting hotel room occupancy rates and restaurant orders on an upward spiral.

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Packages call for targeting very specific activities, passions or hobbies that your target customers are involved in. So, instead of approaching a prospective patron directly, you approach them through the specific activity or hobby of their choice. This makes getting through to them much easier.

So, what can be the various packages that could be designed to attract customers? We have outlined quite a few here which could guide you in designing one of your own:

  • Fitness Package
    With health and fitness becoming a rage with today’s millenials, hotels can cash in on this increasing trend. Use your in-house gym as a focal point and design a week-long fitness program around it. The package will include a personal trainer, access to all exercise machinery at the gym, a healthy breakfast and a week’s stay at the hotel.
  • Market it by highlighting how it could impact their health (with measures such as weight loss and muscle gain) by the end of the program. For a fitness enthusiast, this will be an attraction too exhilarating to miss.

  • Wellness Package
    Similar to the Fitness Package, this is designed for those who love to rejuvenate their senses with the help of holistic healing therapies. The package can include morning yoga sessions, access to the spa and sauna, a nutritious vegetarian meal and a one or two night stay at the hotel. For many people, healing is beyond just fitness. Considering the mental wear and tear that a city life can bring, conscious individuals are looking for cleansing their mind, body and spirit.
  • Adventure Package
    Getting an adrenaline boost is a huge motivator. A lot of people chase this hormonal spike in forms of adventurous activities. The thrill of taking controlled risks beats every other excitement. This package will include a tie-up with an adventure sports facility that provides activities like rock climbing, surfing or even hiking trips. Excursions can be arranged like early morning sunrise view tours, which are popular amongst photography enthusiasts.
  • Cultural Package
    This is for communities celebrating particular festivals. The hotel can have themed decoration and invite people to celebrate the festival at their space. Cuisine pertaining to that festival must be prepared. For example, for a Diwali extravaganza the hotel premises can be decorated with hanging lanterns and guests can be served traditional Indian food. This creates goodwill for the hotel as patrons associate celebration (and hence good times) with the hotel now.
  • Culinary Package
    How can you forget the foodies? They are everywhere. They love recommending the best places to eat to their friends and families. Being in a foodie’s good books is a position worth striving for! Special culinary events like French cuisine festival, dessert fair or wine tastings can be held at your hotel’s banquet or lawn. This event never fails to attract a crowd.
  • Arts Package
    The hotel should tie-up with agencies or hire freelance and contractual artists. A package where patrons can get their portraits done at the end of their stay at the hotel will be enticing. They can get fancy wooden-framed photographs as souvenirs, paintings and poems composed specifically for them. These create memories for the guests and profits for your hotel. The hotel now has something that reminds the guests of their visit.

It is time for your hotel to get into the groove and have these packages designed and marketed right away. Some online booking engines like DJUBO allow you to sell special packages directly to your guests! Happy memory making!

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