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Grooming Lessons for Hoteliers

Last updated on April 22nd, 2016 at 06:42 am


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Be it a Front Office or Food & Beverage Team, these Grooming Lessons for Hoteliers are essential!

  • A shower or bath should be taken daily.
  • Always use deodorants.
  • Aftershave and perfumes should not be too strong.
  • Sufficient sleep, an adequate and healthy intake of food, and regular exercise will keep you a healthy condition and allow you to cope with the pressures and stress of work.
  • Pay particular attention to your hands. They must always be clean, free of nicotine stain and with clean, well-trimmed nails.
  • No nail varnish should be worn.
  • Males should be clean shaven or either with moustache should be neatly
  • Females should only wear light make-up.
  • Ear-rings should not be worn with the possible exception of studs.
  • Your uniform should be clean, starched as appropriate and neatly pressed.
  • Hair must at all times be clean and well groomed. Should staff have long hair, then it should be tied up in a bun.
  • Shoes must be comfortable and clean, and of a plain, neat design. Fashion is not important here (i.e. high heels), but rather safety and foot comfort.
  • Your teeth should be brushed.
  • Any colds or other possible infections should be taken care of immediately.
  • Your hands should be washed immediately after using the toilet or smoking.
  • Excessive jewellery must not he worn.

We hope you like our short article on Grooming Lessons for Hoteliers!

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