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How to Approach Advertising on Facebook.

Facebook ads are a big challenge. Deciding how, where and when to advertise your business online can be a daunting task. With Google AdWords offering prominent, effective and profitable search ad campaigns, many businesses neglect to consider the value of other advertising channels. Step forward Facebook advertising. We’ve seen an unprecedented growth in the power of Social Media over the past few years and Facebook is of course the leader of the pack here. With every industry investing lakhs of money in their social media marketing and digital marketing, it’s imperative now for the hospitality industry to also step up their game. Hotels use social media to drive customers to their door and generate an unprecedented expansion in profits. But the process is not as simple. To attract more customers, an organization has to go through a complete digital transformation. But getting FB ads right is the tricky part. Fundamentally we all know that for you to get more bookings through Facebook, your ads have to convert better. Here we’ve put together some quick pointers for you to ensure that your FB ads convert better.

1. Reduce PCC cost & Boost conversions

Quality trumps quantity, that’s the mantra to live by. When building your core group of fans and followers or targeting new ones, the focus should be on quality to convert potential guests. It’s always better to have 5000 engaged fans as opposed to having 15000 disengaged fans.

2. Offer Incentives to FB Fans & Followers

It’s going to be very rare for bookings to come straight from your hotel’s Facebook page. Fans like to subscribe and interact if something valuable is offered in return. Whether that’s in the form of coupons, exciting deals or other incentives, people need to get something tangible in return for liking your page.
· Enticing offers have to be created to get more out of Facebook
· A short snappy guide should be created for guests during their stay
· Offer discounts and special activities that are available only for
· Run a contest on hotels website. Visitors can have direct link to
· Offer a quick checklist of activities of guests when they arrive

3. The best customer is the one you already have.

It’s foolish for businesses to not target their existing customer base. A guest who has already stayed in a hotel and has received brilliant services and offers, would be more likely to come back as a returning customer than a random lead. Existing customers are a great way to increase your social media fan following as well. While checking in, you can give the advertising. Subscribed people contest by entering their email address guests an option of liking the FB page and getting a complimentary Spa voucher. Another idea could be, that guests check in on FB in your hotel restaurant and get 15% off on the meal. All these are ideas for making a guests stay as interactive and personalized as possible and increase the chances of them coming back.

4. Custom Audiences on Facebook

Customers can reach a bigger qualified audience from their phone book or email list. Facebook allows businesses to upload their list of users/target customers from their phone book and email lists and converts them into fans and followers. Custom audience allows advertisers to target their ads to a specific set of people with whom they have already established a relationship on/off Facebook.

5. Custom Audiences for Website

Through a tool called Pixel, Facebook tracks visitors and completes their Facebook IDs for your list which gives you a great way of targeting and re-targeting customers and potential clients based on their online activity. Customer segmentation and segmenting your ads and strategies accordingly is a brilliant way to plan your marketing efforts and FB enables just that.If a customer visited your restaurant page and left, you can send them specific targeted emails about your brilliant restaurant and the amazing food and cuisines you get there. If a customer almost made a booking but left, you can send them special offers and/or discount coupons for the same.The AOV (average order value) from Facebook traffic is found to be actually higher than those of email marketing campaign.

6. Content is King

No one wants to follow or remain a follower of a page that blatantly promotes its own products and services. People don’t like sales being shoved into their faces, which is where the role of brilliant content comes in. Social media is all about interesting and viral content and the way to be at the top of your game is to ensure that your content is fresh and original. A couple of starting points for hoteliers while planning their content strategy are:-
– Capture and write about interesting events happening in the city
– Visual Content has ushered in a new era on social media, so post beautiful images from in and around the hotel.
– People love reviews and personal referrals. Try to get as many comments and reviews on your services as possible. Potential guests decide their bookings based on reviews and any interactions or experiences they have had with the hotel. 93% of the people find reviews important when determining which hotel to stay.

Another thing that hotels should take care of is that all efforts should be made to ensure that comments are replied to. The effort to give that personalized touch speaks volumes about you and your business and makes potential customers feel that their stay at the hotel would also be personalized. Hotel marketers also need to be up to date with the kind of content that they post. Whether it’s interesting contests or ‘Fill in the Blanks’ style interactive posts, or it’s eye grabbing visual content and emotional video content. The idea is to keep it as fresh and innovative as possible.

7. Posts should be short and sweet.

Posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement. Keep posts short and snappy to maintain interest of customers. It’s the age of the tweet and news in headlines; people don’t have the attention span to read long letters or long articles anymore. The way to go forward is with short and interesting content that catches the eye of the customer and makes them want share it as well.

According to social media examiners 91% of marketers are using social media to support overall marketing efforts & 84% of respondents indicated that Facebook was the top medium used for paid social advertising. What’s established now is that Facebook advertising works and works better than many other online marketing channels, but it has to be done right and done smartly for the conversions to actually happen.

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