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Maintain A Spotless Hotel With The Latest Technology


Maintain A Spotless Hotel With The Latest Technology

84% of leisure travelers list cleanliness as “very important” when choosing a hotel, Statistica reveals. The rise of review websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor now give people an easy way of assessing hotel standards without setting foot in the door — guests read 6-12 reviews on average before booking a room. It’s therefore essential to prioritize hygiene and cleanliness in your hotel to impress guests and stand out against the competition. Thanks to recent developments in technology, it’s now easier to keep hotels cleaner than ever before. It can even improve communication between reception and housekeeping, so your hotel runs smoother and guest satisfaction improves.

Housekeeping apps

Hotels are turning to apps to help housekeeping staff complete their cleaning schedules as efficiently as possible. Housekeeping is alerted via their smartphones whenever a guest checks out, therefore bypassing the need to check with reception when they can start cleaning the room for the next guests. Once cleaned, they can then update the status of the room on the app and mark it ready for inspection. Through the app, housekeepers can inform reception which rooms are being cleaned, how long it will take, and when each room will be ready for guests to check in. In turn, reception can operate more efficiently and improve check in times and experience for guests.

Commercial dishwashers

While cleaning appliances have been around for a long time, their importance shouldn’t be underestimated — and they’re continually made increasingly efficient thanks to new technology. Having a high-quality commercial dishwasher, in particular, is essential for your hotel to be able to meet current hygiene regulations. To ensure spotless dishes and glasses, your commercial dishwasher should be high-temperature and wash between 150-160 degrees and rinses at 180 degrees. The sheer heat will sanitize without the need for sanitizer, which can sometimes be harmful to dishware.

UV sterilization wands

UV light is already used for sterilization in hospitals because it’s so effective. Introducing UV technology to your hotel can achieve a level of cleanliness previously impossible. Ultraviolet sterilization wands can be used by housekeepers to destroy germs and sterilize areas which tend to harbor a lot of bacteria: telephones, bathroom fixtures, clocks, door handles, and light switches, in particular. UV black lights can also detect invisible biological matter and other particles, so these germs can be eliminated.

Since hygiene and cleanliness is a crucial factor for the majority of guests, it should be of utmost priority in your hotel. Investing in cleaning technology will help you achieve impeccable cleanliness standards. Moreover, housekeeping apps can improve the efficiency of your hotel’s workings, which further boosts customer satisfaction.


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