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Things to avoid while making Technological Implementations and Changes

In an economy increasingly driven by technological change, Hotels meet to
stay abreast of the latest technological innovations to keep their competitive
edge and access new market opportunities. This process should be continuous in
order to keep a business up to date. Its also required that you take sometime
before every technological upgrade to plan out your strategy, requirements,
implementation plan, training program and response to potential contingencies.
These are the building blocks of effective technological implementation plans.

A few things that need to be taken into consideration and absolutely avoided
when executing an enterprise wide technology upgrade are: –

1) Technological Implementations should not be kept a secret

A tech update often impacts all the people in an organization in some way
or the other, instead of keeping these updates a secret; it’s better to
involve the organization very early on. That not avoids the element of
unpleasant surprises but gives the users time to get trained and used to
the new technology as well. It’s imperative to be proactive while
implementing new technologies and regularly include updates on the
progress of the new upgrade using existing communication channels like
emails and newsletters to all employees.

2) Single Track Focus

A mistake that many organizations make is that they try and roll out all
new technological upgrades at the same time. Rolling out an all new POS
system, a new CRM model, start a remodeling plan and tackling other
corporate efforts all at the same time can be disastrous. Most people are
not very good with change and new technologies and it’s better to roll out
one new update at a time to give people a chance to learn and adjust with
that first before tackling a new one.

3) Resources should not be underestimated

Technological updates need resources to ensure successful
implementation, whether physical or monetary. A responsible team
captain should be chosen before carrying out new upgrades, who had a
dedicated crew and a fixed budget for the task.

4) Take care of the old

Implementing new technologies is actually a great opportunity for
businesses to examine old processes while updating new inventories.

5) Don’t aim at a moving target

If you’re implementing a new back office solution for your restaurant, it’s
important to understand that it will integrate with and effect many of
your other operating systems. Changing software, menus, prices and
other back office things will affect not only your future but how your
business runs today. Doing this while implementing new technologies can
really slow down the project dramatically.

To sum it up, technological implementations and changes need a lot of pre
thought, resources and time. Updates should include detailed descriptions
of the tasks at hand, goals to be accomplished and resources required for
all of that. All this needs to be done while maintaining a continuous open
communication between management and employees, including training
sessions for the employees. Last but not the least, tech implementations
should always be made as a calculated risk, a lot of updates have
backfired for many organizations and the risk involved should always be
calculated before hand and it should be a risk that the company as a
whole is willing to take.

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