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Synergize Your Hotel

Automated Error alerts via Email to staff.

Automated vouchar generation.

Mlti-party coordination and user access levels

How DJUBO Synergizes Your Hotel’s Revenue Management System?

DJUBO's every function is built to enhance you hotel’s operation. We understand that hotel revenue management and channel management involve inputs and coordination of multiple departments.

The foremost collaborative function transforms an excel-based booking chart management into a cloud-based collaborative booking chart which can be managed by multiple participants simultaneously from any location or device.

DJUBO allows for multiparty coordination by granting multi-level access to the DJUBO database and interface to keep the front office, sales desk and other collaborators, in sync. Keep the strategy makers in loop with backups of reservation data and customized reporting functions.

The sales desk efficiency is bolstered with automated alerts for sales desk errors such as acceptance of insufficient advances, rooms held too close to arrival date, room holding expiring soon and payment follow-ups, among other alerts that can be set up by the administrator. Remove the paper clutter by issuing system generated voucher emails to guests, agents as well as other internal stakeholders. Other features allow the sales desk better coordination between agents, guests and front office.

It further simplifies the task of maintaining rate parity across all the sales channel, for the sales desk which can become a daunting and time consuming task with the number of channels that are available today.

What's more, all your data stays backed up in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing the all-important booking and guest data.