djubo-best-hotel-management-software djubo-best-hotel-management-software

Deliver Superior Guest Experience

Automated pre and post stay emails and SMS to Guests

Automated Booking comfirmations From booking Engine to Guests

Automated Guest database creation from booking

DJUBO | Delivers Superior Guest Experience

At DJUBO we understand the most important fact about the hospitality industry that first and foremost it is about being hospitable to the guests.

Therefore even while being an efficient Hotel Channel Management Software it keeps into consideration the data requirements of a hotel to go the extra mile to make their customers happy.

With DJUBO, you can maintain a continuously evolving and completely exportable guest and agent database to build your guest experience and marketing programs.

DJUBO also allows you to add a personal touch with its ability to send customized messages prior to arrival and post departure, completely automated. DJUBO additionally lets you set customized reminders of guest arrival and departure.

DJUBO’s ability to assimilate with the front office and other hotel departments lends additional support in managing guest arrivals and departures. Voucher management, audit trail and other features ensure that your sales desk and front office stay in complete sync.