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What data sets are stored in the DJUBO databases?

DJUBO automatically stores all data pertaining to:

  1. Guest Details: This helps you maintain a record of all the guests that have stayed with you, you have held a room for or sent an enquiry. All guest details stored in this database will get automatically populated during voucher creation, by simply selecting the guest name when creating vouchers in the future.You can also export and put this data to other use such as direct marketing campaigns.
  2. Agent Details: This database stores all details for your offline travel agents, corporate accounts and unconnected OTAs. This database again helps save time by auto-populating the Agent data when creating vouchers.
  3. Booking Vouchers: This database maintains a list of all the reservation vouchers that are created by the DJUBO system.
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  4. Enquiries: This database is a record for all the enquiries that were made using the DJUBO system.

How to Access these databases?

After Logging into DJUBO, click on the “Views” icon and select the database that you want to access from the dropdown.

Updated on July 4, 2016

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