Putting Rooms on Hold

Why use the ‘Hold Room’ feature?

By putting a room on ‘HOLD’, you ensure:

  • The room does not get sold on any OTA or your hotel’s website booking engine.
  • Other front office or sales team members stay informed and do not accidentally sell the room.

How to put a room on Hold in DJUBO?

There are 2 ways to put rooms on hold in DJUBO. Both are accessible in the Home View. They are as follows:

1) Putting a Specific Room on Hold


  • Click on an empty room in the room category and on the date for which you want to hold the room in the booking chart view.
  • Select ‘Hold’ option from the pop-up menu.
  • Fill in the details on the next screen for the voucher to be generated.
  • This method automatically inserts room number, room category, and date into the voucher generation form.
2) Putting Rooms on Hold via Quick Create


  • In the Booking Chart View, click on ‘Quick Create’ button.
  • Select ‘Quick Hold’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Fill in the details in the following screen for voucher generation.
Updated on May 3, 2016

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