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Our Journey & Our Team

Bringing Innovation to Hoteliers to Maximize Hotel Revenues

  1. We Are Pleased to LaunchDJUBO Foresight

    - September 2017

    DJUBO Foresight, our tool for competitor price intelligence for hotels, is yet another step towards doing innovation the right way. While other rate intelligence products for hotels focus on just rates & alerts, DJUBO Foresight in addition crunches all that pricing data to deliver meaningful, actionable insights to hoteliers.

  2. Mobile PoS, Completely in the Cloud.

    - March 2017

    A re-imagining of the PoS systems for hotels, to be simple yet functional. Completely in the cloud, it can be used on any device, be it a desktop or tablet, for as many users as you need and as many points of sale you have.

  3. A First in India, CPA Google Hotel Ads

    - February 2017

    In one of another firsts by DJUBO, we partner with Google to offer our clients, the performance-based Google Hotel Ads model, where instead of paying for clicks, hotels pay only when they get a booking through Google Hotel Ads.

  4. Guest Reviews Power Hotel Decisions. DJUBO StarSight is Launched.

    - January 2017

    DJUBO StarSight is a machine learning-powered guest, review & reputation intelligence tool, that helps hotels not only manage and reply to their online reviews across multiple sources, but also understand what their guests are saying about them with powerful sentiment analysis tools.

  5. DJUBO Clients Can Now Sell Direct on TripAdvisor

    - September 2016

    DJUBO clients now have access to TripAdvisor integrations, TripConnect CPC & Instant Booking, which helps them open up their hotel to a whole new audience on the world's largest travel website.

  6. DJUBO Introduces Quick Pay Portal for Easier Payment Management

    - July 2016

    To help hotels consolidate their online and offline sales, we introduce Quick Pay Portal that allows hotels to collect all their offline payments via their branded online payment portal.

  7. DJUBO Direct, Booking Engine, with DJUBO Magnet Launched

    - June 2016

    In our continued endeavour to bring management of hotel sales in a single screen, we launched our booking engine for hotel website along with templatized brand websites & price comparison widgets to help hotliers boost their direct revenues.

  8. Among the Top 10 Hospitality Tech Products

    - May 2016

    PhocusWright, one of the leading travel research puts DJUBO among the top 10 most innovative startups in travel tech in India.

  9. Manage Hotel Sales From Anywhere. DJUBO mobile app launched!

    - April 2016

    Managing hotel sales couldn't be made any easier as we launched our mobile app so hoteliers could manage and stay updated about their business performance from anywhere, anytime.

  10. DJUBO is Here For the Win!

    - January 2015

    DJUBO is out of beta and open to public! This day we decided in with the new, out with the old. And hoteliers agree with us, as they start moving from archaic hotel management systems to a modern cloud-based solution that brought all their sales channels, online and offline into a single dashboard. One of the most integrated hotel management system, that we still continue to be with our ever expanding breadth of products. Hope to see you be a part of the change as well!


Exceptional Performance, Recognized in the Industry.


The Team @ DJUBO

Our Team is Our Greatest Asset

Get acquainted with the people at DJUBO dedicated to deliver an exceptional product that enables hotels to achieve their true potential. The energy and enthusiasm of this team are characterized in DJUBO and drives the commitment of providing hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, or for that matter, every accommodation provider solve hotel sales, distribution & marketing pain points in an easy to use, yet cost-effective solution. We hope you love using our product as much as we love to craft it for you!

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