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FAQs of Existing Clients | Support – DJUBO

What should I do if there is a Rate Disparity across different meta-search engines such as TripAdvisor, Trivago and Kayak?

TripAdvisor and other such meta-search Engines are not the best place to check for Rate Disparity. The disparity may occur to due various reasons, most common among them being:

  • Rates might not be getting updated due to slow syncing between OTAs and meta-search engines.
  • TripAdvisor displays the rates of the least priced room category on an OTA. So, if you are not pushing your base category to one of the OTA, that OTA will show the higher priced room category on TripAdvisor.
  • OTAs may be pushing lower display rates on TripAdvisor and other meta-search sites, even though the correct rates are being pushed to OTAs and are visible on their own website. Therefore, it is advisable to open the OTA website in a separate tab on your browser and then search for your property.

If this is your major concern, then the best way to prevent price undercutting is to send a screenshot of the issue to the Market Manager of that OTA and issue a stern warning to them to stop indulging in such tactics for your property. Read more about dealing with miscreant OTAs here.

There is a Rate Disparity on the OTA’s mobile app. What should I do?

First, check the extranet of the concerned OTA to see whether the prices displayed there, match the ones being pushed through DJUBO. If the correct prices have been updated on the Extranet, then the issue is at the OTA’s end and can only be resolved by getting in touch with the Market Manager of the concerned OTA.

In case the OTA extranet is displaying wrong rates, get in touch with us at support@djubo.com.

The rates pushed through DJUBO and those visible on the extranet don’t match the final pricing on MakeMyTrip and Goibibo. Why?

DJUBO only pushes SELL RATES across connected OTAs. Price disparity in the final display rate arises due to different tax calculation methods being applied by OTAs on top of the SELL RATES. To resolve this and maintain price parity, you will have to contact the OTAs and request a uniform tax structure across each of them.

A voucher did not get auto-generated on DJUBO. Why did this happen?

This could be due to various reasons:

  1. The OTA extranet credentials shared with us have stopped working or expired. Try logging into your OTA extranet and if you are unable to, reset your OTA extranet password and share it with us at the earliest.
  2. The room category and meal plan mentioned in the OTA voucher were activated or modified without their creation on the DJUBO system. In this case, we request you to send us the details of the new room categories and meal plans to be mapped on DJUBO at the earliest.

It is important that you inform us before modifying or creating new room categories and/or meal plans on OTAs, as they will need to be mapped in the DJUBO system to allow proper functioning of the DJUBO channel manager.

The packages that I have given to the OTA are being incorrectly displayed. How do I resolve this?

Any packaged deals and promotions run through the OTA are discussed and agreed upon between the hotelier and the respective OTA. Therefore, all issues pertaining to them must be taken up with the market managers of the concerned OTAs.

My online promos are running on one OTA but other OTAs are complaining about rate disparity. What should I do?

Any packaged deals and promotions run through the OTA are discussed and agreed upon between the hotelier and the respective OTA. Therefore, all issues pertaining to them must be taken up with the market managers of the concerned OTAs.

My hotel shows rooms unavailable on the OTA website but I still have open rooms on DJUBO. Why is this?

In such a case you first need to check if the OTA is connected to the DJUBO channel manager. If it is connected then you need to check if the rates have been updated on the OTA extranet. If it is connected to DJUBO and the correct rates are being pushed to the OTA extranet, then the issue is at the end of the OTA and you need to get in touch with the market manager of the OTA to resolve the issue.

However, in case:

  1. The OTA in question is not connected with the DJUBO channel manager, then it may be possible that:
    • Integration with the said OTA may be pending. Check your email for the latest OTA connectivity report from us. If it shows an OTA pending connectivity, we request you to manage the OTA manually in the interim. You will receive a status update as soon as the integration is complete.
    • You may not have submitted details for the OTA. In this case, kindly send the requisite OTA details at support@djubo.com and request integration.
    • Integration for the OTA may not be supported at the time by DJUBO. In this case, you will be required to manage the OTA manually while we add support for the OTA to our channel manager.
  2. The OTA is connected to the DJUBO channel manager, but the rates are not being pushed to the OTA extranet, get in touch with us at support@djubo.com.
I have limited functionality on DJUBO compared to other users in my office. Why?

DJUBO offers multiple user-access levels. Your account may not have sufficient authorization to access certain features. If you need access to other features, you will need the Property/Account administrator for your hotel to send an approval email authorizing higher access level for your account.

Addition of Room Categories

Please send an email with room category details to support@djubo.com and also inform the OTA to add the Room Category in order to sync the same with DJUBO(if required).

Mobile App for iOS devices.

We are coming up with the same soon and shall update you. It’s a challenge and we appreciate your support and patience.

Rooms to be blocked in bulk

When you click on the white cell you shall see 3 options BLOCK/HOLD/CONFIRM. Click Block and add reason/comment. You need to repeat the same for each day you would like to hard block.


Invoice number generation

Invoice will be generated only for the current booking once the Print Invoice is clicked. Also the invoice number will be generated in sequence of “Print Invoice” click.

Packages Creation

Kindly follow the below steps:
Manage This Property > Rate Setup > Packages > Add – Insert the package name, select the criteria and submit, update the Package per night rates for DIRECT/AGENT/BOOKING ENGINE. Also, go through the below video link –

How do I update the taxes for my Hotel?

For any changes required in Room Rent Taxes or Add-on Taxes or Service Shop Taxes. Kindly drop an email to support@djubo.com. Also, for updating the taxes in an OTA, kindly contact your respective OTA Market Manger as we do not cater to Taxes with the OTA.

What are Add On's and Service Shops?How do I set up the same for my Hotel?

Add-ons are basically used to update anything the guest would like to take before they check-in to the property for Eg-Airport Transfer, Sightseeing, Early Check-in/Check-out Charges etc.

To set up Add-on’s,Please follow the below steps:

Manage this property > Rate SetUp > Add-ons > Add Display Category(like Airport Transfer) > Price Plans(Add only one price plan) > IN Items add the Vehicles(Innova) with prices.

Service Shops are added with the things that the guest would take post they check-in at the property – Restaurant, Laundry, SPA etc

To set up a service shop,Please follow the below steps:

Service Shops: Manage this property > Service Shops > Add > Update the details > Display Category(like Menu Title “Main Course”) > Price Plans(Add only one price plan) > In the Items add the Dishes(Rice) with prices accordingly.

The Guest is not receiving Emails on certain ID's.

Kindly note that DJUBO doesn’t support YAHOO email address, kindly ask the guest for an alternate email ID, In case the issue still persists with a different ID(Other than Yahoo ID), Please send an email to support@djubo.com .


What is Djubo Insight?

Djubo insight is improved Hotel sales analytics.

This includes Daily Sales Analysis, comparing past performance and future expectations. All new dataset for pre-booking data, now available. More data points added to previously available revenue and occupancy datasets.

To access DJUBO Insight, click on the menu icon on your DJUBO Dashboard. and select “DJUBO Insight”

How to download the bookings in Excel sheet?

Request you to please follow the below mentioned steps to apply 180 days filter correctly to fetch the excel sheet of Booking Database.

Step- 1

Select Booking Database from Djubo Dashboard.Capture-d



Step- 2

Please mark the 180 Days filter for Date Duration/ Date Range




Step -3

Click on Export to Excel Option, where in you will find Voucher summary, Order summary, Add-ons summary and Payment summary.

Please select one of them as per the Data Required.Capture-f

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