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Billing of Commission-based DJUBO Subscription

DJUBO offers 2 pricing models to choose from – Fixed Monthly Fee & Commission-based Monthly Fee.

In both pricing models, transactions made through payment gateway integrated booking engine & quick pay portal are charged separately.


What is the Commission-based Pricing Model?

The commission-based pricing model is a performance-based model in which you get charged for every reservation that you receive from the OTAs. There is no other fixed fee that you have to pay to use the DJUBO system.

Bookings Eligible for Billing

All bookings made through OTAs connected to the DJUBO channel manager during the statement period are considered. Booking dates are considered for calculating the commission, and not the stay dates. For example, if you have received the invoice for the month of March, then the commission will be calculated for all the bookings you received between 1 March & 31 March, even if they were made for the month of April and beyond.

Calculation of Payment Amount for a Statement Period

Your payment amount has been calculated on the total booking amount as appearing on the OTA-generated vouchers during the statement period. Service taxes are added to the final amount to evaluate the net payment.

Cross-checking Your Invoice

To view all the bookings you received from OTAs during the statement period you can go to your Booking Database in DJUBO and use the advanced search to filter out all OTA bookings made during the time period.

Refund Policy for Cancellations and No-shows

There are NO refunds or reimbursals for canceled bookings or no-shows. This is because DJUBO services have already been rendered when a booking is generated on an OTA.

Updated on May 4, 2016

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