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Metasearch Advertising & Marketing – Take Your Hotels Outreach to the Next Level

Metasearch advertising

It’s been a turbulent start to 2020 with the hit of the novel coronavirus that has brought the entire travel industry to its knees. While the industry and the market are rife with fear, it is time we looked past that; after all, this is only temporary. Industries are bound to pick up again and work will eventually resume to normal. So the questions that need to be answered here are – where do you want to be three months down the line? What’s your POA to beat the panic and plan for the future of your business?

Getting through the crisis

Remember: this crisis isn’t permanent. You as a hotelier can use this time wisely and effectively to plan your advertising and revenue strategies for the future. After all, people don’t get bored of traveling. It will eventually pick up and it will be business, as usual, a few months down the line. And that’s when you want to be the first one out of the crisis with an edge over the OTA.

Why is meta-search needed for your hotel

We live in a day & age where the guest has access to every bit of information that’s essential to his travel – ranging from destination information to hotels. All the information is just at his fingertips. And with the guest being so technology savvy, isn’t it time for you as a hotelier to put your hotel out there for easy visibility?

Keeping your visibility intact at a time like this is of utmost importance. The only way beyond the panic is to plan for the future. The point is, you have to be the first one out once this crisis is over. DJUBO’s Fireball can help you with that. Fireball, the DJUBO metasearch advertising platform, allows you to showcase your hotel not just locally but worldwide too. The rates for your hotel will be at the top, at this point in time thus giving your hotel the best visibility possible.

Is COVID-19 blindfolding you from focusing on business right around the corner?

With businesses across the world coming to a standstill, right now is the best time to plan and devise your strategy for the future. DJUBO’s fireball gives you the benefit of metasearch because most OTA’s, at this time, have stopped taking bookings or advertising their rates for an indefinite period. Thus, leaving the space for you to set your pricing for the future. Fireball gives you the best opportunity at visibility because your guests will be searching for your hotel and most of the traffic is either non-brand or specific. For example a guest might search “Hotel Ganga Kinare” – with your hotel present on metasearch, you have higher chances of procuring a booking.

Image below as example

Here, you can clearly see that the above hotel is present on metasearch, thus giving it visibility and higher chances to get direct bookings. This also makes it easier for your guests to see all rate options on one platform. And besides, you get a link directly to the hotel’s website where you can even find any additional offers that the hotel could be promoting.

Rates are set by the hotel for future advertising as well which can be done by using DJUBO PMS to monitor past trends. Isn’t this something you can do to get ready for future business?

How does DJUBO Fireball work to help you plan ahead

Hoping that containment of the virus will eventually happen, business travellers will be your first set of guests after things resume to normal. Keeping that in mind you as a hotelier should primarily focus on making your pricing visible on google maps. This makes it easier for your guests to pick the best possible pricing and location that meets their needs. 

Image below for reference:

Not only is visibility being a benefit with DJUBO Fireball, but your payment for the booking acquisition is also credited to you within three days of the transaction. This eventually helps in boosting your revenues at the earliest possible time.

What is COVID-19 & its impact on the hospitality industry

A respiratory disease originated in the city of Wuhan, China – today it has caused worldwide panic, economic meltdown and most importantly, the loss of many lives. The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic and rightly so. Here you can see WHO’s dashboard with the latest figures. 

The crisis today has the entire hospitality industry and economy terrified. And predictably the hospitality industry is the worst hit during a major health crisis. With travel bookings being cancelled daily, airports close to empty, flights cancelled around the world & tourism being the highest hit business, COVID-19 has us all in a panic. The first questions that come to your mind usually are: Will my hotel ride through this crisis? How can I prepare for the future? How do I assure my guests that we care for their health? 

Stay with us at DJUBO and let us ride this tide together, after all as is oft said: this too shall pass.

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