Wahyu Dewata

- Bali - Indonesia

djubo-client-success-stories-wahyu-dewata djubo-client-success-stories-wahyu-dewata djubo-client-success-stories-wahyu-dewata
In the Hotelier’s Own Words OTA revenue before Djubo IDR 9,200,000 and after IDR 12,350,000. Our team work more efisien and more easier. We are relocate one staff to another working field. It has been built with rare sensitivity towards the surrounding environment and shares its rice-terrace views with a number of the community's local. more +
  • djubo-client-success-stories-wahyu-dewata Ms. Gede Owner
  • Property Name Wahyu Dewata
  • Location Bali - Indonesia
  • Website www.wahyudewata.com


Increase in OTA Revenues YoY

As by Djubo we can see the exact availability of all our rooms from anywhere and this is visible to all via OTA or booking engine. This increased our room occupancy more than 9% from previous.



Increase OTA Occupancy YoY

After Djubo has been taken , The OTA rev comes to Approx. IDR 12,350,000 , which was previously near about max. IDR 9,200,000.



Increase in ARR

As because of exact visibility of rooms and Djubo payment process now we can sell more rooms nights. It have increased our ARR by almost 3%.

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  • 9% Occupany increased
  • 35% Increase in OTA Revenue
Property Name Wahyu Dewata
Location Bali, Indonesia

OTA revenue before Djubo IDR 9,200,000 and after IDR 12,350,000. Our team work more efisien and more easier...

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  • 33% Website Traffic Boosted
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