DJUBO Cloud PMS for Hotels

Cloud-based Property Management System

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The Hotel PMS Reimagined

The DJUBO Cloud Property Management System brings unprecedented efficiency to your hotel operations and brings the power of cloud connectivity to deliver an integrated hotel management experience.

Use as a standalone PMS or connect it to the DJUBO Sales & Distribution platforms, to make hotel operations simple and efficient.

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Front Desk Management

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Payments & Invoice Management

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Reporting & Analytics

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Petty Cash Management

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Housekeeping Management

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Efficient Front Desk Management

  • Easy to use, Always Updated, Booking Calendar
  • Manage Check-ins & Check-outs
  • Process Walk-ins & Offline Enquiries
  • Hold & Block Rooms
  • Automate Guest Emails & SMSs
  • Enquiry Management Built-in
  • Connect to DJUBO CRS, Channel Manager & Booking Engine

Smarter Points of Sale

  • Manage Any POS - Restaurant, Spa, Laundry.
  • Use on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile
  • KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) Management
  • Room Service Ready
  • Auto-sync Payments to Room Folios

Intelligent Payment & Invoicing

  • Collect Payments Online with eCollect
  • Manage Room & POS Invoicing
  • Secure Online Payment Gateway Included
  • A unique database to keep track of unsettled but checked-out folios.
  • A Statement of Account to show billings and payments for a customer for a specific time period thereby helping keep track of outstanding balances for sales on credit.

Insightful Analytics & Reporting

  • Automated Daily Sales & Front Office Reports
  • Guest Arrival SMS Notifications to Staff
  • Better Forecasting with Better Data
  • Track Hotel Performance in Real-time

Petty Cash Management

  • Manage daily cash transactions in your hotel
  • Keep a track of your opening balance and closing balance
  • Record each and every cashflow (Cash-In/Cash-Out/Expense)
  • Add expense categories to help you stay organised.
  • Download the database as an excel at any time.
  • Upload and store receipts for the expenses.
  • Advanced activity logs to keep a track of posting times and users responsible.


  • Customisable room statuses as per a hotel’s needs.
  • Assign a unique color scheme for each room status.
  • Customised Housekeeping user role for quicker actions.
  • Automated actions and change of status as per Hotel’s requirements (for example - auto change of room status to dirty upon marking a room as checked-out.
  • Daily reports for Housekeeping and Front Desk for easier coordination.

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DJUBO PMS helps you manage your hotel and its distribution through a single interface!

djubo-cloud-based-hotel-pms-systems-demo-video djubo-cloud-based-hotel-pms-systems-demo-video djubo-cloud-based-hotel-pms-systems-demo-video djubo-cloud-based-hotel-pms-systems-demo-video


Cloud Property Management System (CPMS) is much more than an online reservation system.

DJUBO is a universe by itself. It is a powerful tool with multiple possibilities at a touch of a button. Easy to set up, access and smooth functioning.

This cloud based hotel management software is useful for boutique hotels, chain hotels, independent hotels or small hotels.

CPMS has Features Like

  1. Front Desk Management
  2. Point Of Sale (POS) Management
  3. Payments and Invoice Management
  4. Analytics and Reporting
  1. Front Desk Management

  2. Front desk plays the most important and primary role as it is the first point of contact between the guest and the hotelier. As we say first impression is the last impression. Smooth and hassle free interaction with the front desk helps the guest in relaxing after the tiring journey.

    Easy to use and rich in features, user friendly and no complications, which sets you free so that time is saved in completing routine operations and then you can invest the same time in communicating with your guest, like asking his opinions, suggestions and feed back to improvise on services. Feedbacks, like guest’s experience of the hospitality helps in building the hotel’s reputation and getting more business and thereby generating more revenue. A happy and a satisfied guest brings in more business by recommending his friend and relatives.

    This kind of property management software has a unique feature which helps the staff to respond accordingly to the enquires received through different online travel agents , which in turn helps in keeping the room inventory updated.

    Manage offline enquiries smoothly with the help of the ‘daily enquiry tracker’ and ‘enquiry data base’. Sending quotations over e-mail and use the “Quick Pay and E-collect” feature in the software to convert more enquires into confirmed bookings.

    PMS - property management system has an another special feature which helps the hotelier to be always in touch with his staff on mobile without being physically present at the hotel property. Being in touch from anywhere and anytime, helps the hotelier to observe the operations and also guide his team.

    This kind of cloud based PMS is the best PMS system for small hotels where the owner is not always present to know exactly what is happening at the property.

    This best hotel PMS system is easy to use and ensures efficiency in managing daily routine work for the front desk staff. It helps in managing routine check-in and checkout, instantly shows updated room inventory, helps the staff in holding, blocking and allocating rooms for the guest. The moment your guest checks out from the hotel your room is visible and ready for sale on all OTA’s and other selling platforms.

    Pamper your guest with memorable experience at your property by enabling your PMS system with the information to create a great check in experience.This PMS HOTEL eases the guest’s stay at the hotel property.

    It also doubles up as a booking engine, reflecting current and future trends, managing enquires and save time. With the best hotel property management system, you can have an eagle’s eye on the various operations running at the property. Precious time and human effort is saved by tracking errors and streamlining operations with the help of the cloud based hotel PMS.

    Cloud PMS for hotel assists the staff in preparing registration cards, allocating rooms and even managing preferred room choices of the guests. Another interesting feature of this hotel PMS cloud is to help you have complete control over booking rates as one can customize booking rates by dates and season, rather than having to change rates on various platforms as any changes made on PMS cloud is automatically updated across all booking platforms.

    Another amazing feature in this cloud based property management system, is it allows you to access it from anywhere at any time. Now you do not urgently need to update a sudden new reservation to avoid double booking, as the software takes care of it by itself and saves precious lag time and errors, thereby increasing reliability and trust factor

    Best part of this hotel PMS system is it gives the guest the choice of making payments through multiple options like credit, debit card, net banking, etc.

    Once the booking is confirmed, hotel PMS software sends an automated communication to the guest confirming the reservation via e-mail and sms.The best cloud based hotel PMS keeps communication with the guests at top priority and also ensures that the hotel staff is not burdened with the task of manually communicating with the guests.

    This kind of software is best PMS for small hotels as bookings, invoicing, and collections all can happen from one single interface.This cloud PMS for hotels can adapt to work environment of all types of hotel properties.

    Promotions and packages, running and upcoming are also automatically conveyed to the guest. Updated information increases the reliability factor for the guest and helps in building loyalty and ensuring positive reviews which are so very essential for all businesses.

    PMS system for hotel even records specific requests from guests and looks up for solutions to comply with them.

    Say, a guest can request for any special room which gets recorded in the system and the system tries to fulfill the request with the available options. Another guest could request for flexible check-in /check-out timings, the automated system can handle even such situations politely.

    Cloud based hotel management system helps in coordinating with the house keeping staff to ensure room readiness prior to arrival of the guest and updating the house keeping staff about guest’s preferences or any specific request.

    As the guests checks-in at the front desk, an automated sms notification is received by the room service staff informing them about the arrival of the guest. Guest preferences and request are already conveyed to the room service staff through the automated system. This helps the room service staff to prepare the room according the guest’s choice and welcome the guest in their respective rooms.

    Invoicing with or without different services can be managed effortlessly. The total online synchronized solution for hotel property connects with the POS system and thus the hotelier can record all or any single transaction at any outlet and charge it to the guest folio as well.

    This kind of best hotel property management systems thus enhances guest experience.

    Housekeeping reports can be generated with the automated system to improve inter-staff communication, increase overall efficiency by avoiding duplication of work, improve upon productivity and bring in required accountability. This leads to optimum use of available resources, controlling costs and increasing overall profitability.

    With help of mobile application, the house keeping staff can be assigned specific rooms or specific duties. The mobile application also enables the house keeping staff to update room status on minute to minute basis and communicate the same to the front desk.

    Apart from room occupancy charges, a guest could avail of multiple services at the property, invoicing and payments for such services can be efficiently managed by the “AUTO SYNC PAYMENTS” feature in the property management software. This ensures that every service is accounted for and manual errors are completely eliminated. At the time of check out, billing staff is ready with the correct full and final invoice detailing all the services availed, ensuring smooth checking-out experience for the guest and earning positive review from the guest.

    Cloud based hotel software helps in updating room inventory on real time basis across multiple booking and reservation platforms. This leads to efficient management of room bookings, as with the updated information overbooking and under booking are eliminated. Room tariff rates can be adjusted and updated keeping in view with the current and future demand. Property management software helps the hotelier with updated room inventory so that he can take care of under selling and over selling of the rooms and thus can plan to set new promotion and modify rates according to the situation. With best hotel PMS systems everybody involved in managing the property stays updated at every given point of time.

    This PMS system hotel helps owners having multiple businesses to keep a track of what’s happening at their property, without calling their management team. This PMS system hotel helps in giving them a real picture of what is happening at their hotel.

  3. Point Of Sale (POS) Management

  4. Cloud based POINT OF SALE (POS) is another powerful feature of the property management software that helps the hotelier to manage various outlets and services provided by the hotelier to the guest from system the same interface.

    Many hotels have multiple outlets like restaurant, spa, salon, gym, gaming, etc. Right at their property, at times it becomes difficult to manage both the functions simultaneously. Here comes the role of a property management software which helps the hotelier to manage multiple outlets from the DJUBO dashboard, that too at a single click. The automated cloud based hotel software tracks multiple POS, which helps in increasing non occupancy revenues, ensuring more free time to interact with the guests, running and managing promotions at various outlets. The best part is that cloud based PMS is accessible even on mobiles, tab and i-pads, which ensures the hotelier is always connected and does not miss out any routine functioning even when he is physically not present at the property.

    Preferred rate at various POS for different categories of guests can be managed by best property management system.

    PMS property management system comes with an inbuilt feature to manage in- room dining, room guests, restaurant guest and their invoices can be billed directly to their respective room folio with the auto synchronized system.

    Invoicing for in- room dining, laundry services, etc., can be charged to guest folio, or the guest can simply pay upfront, managing and accounting for such situations can be easily handled by the room service staff with the help of the software system.

    Inbuilt KOT management for restaurants and other outlets. Through this cloud based POS the KOT’s can be easily printed directly in the respective service departments.

  5. Payments and Invoice Management

  6. Hotelier can accept the payments of a guest offline and also online with the link given on website. Guest has the choice of making the payments using multiple payment portals integrated with the hotel property management system. On completing the payment, the guest receives a payment confirmation via e-mail/sms. Online payment feature integrated with the system is completely secured and safe. Cloud based PMS also provides a flexible payment option with split invoice

    Invoicing for room charges and other ancillary services can be managed and customized effortlessly with the cloud based hotel management software. Split billing can be managed easily, more in case of co-operate bookings Hotel PMS cloud has integrated PCI DSS compliant payment gateway for online payment transactions. Guest can avail of wide range of online payment options, which are PCI DSS compliant, hence totally safe and secure. The guest is rest assured that their vital data and information cannot be stolen and misused. This creates an atmosphere of trust for the guest while making online payments.

    Our best hotel property management systems helps the hotelier to collect the payment online through multiple payment gateway portals like Pay-pal, Braintree, Stripe, and many others.

  7. Insightful Analytics and Reporting

  8. Best hotel PMS system is a great help or a revolution in the hospitality industry. It helps the hotelier to keep the record and maintain the updated room inventory; it gives them crystal clear picture of the sales figure of rooms, multiple outlets and other services. Property management system helps the staff with the room bookings across various platforms. Cloud based Property Management System is a centralized reservation system which can manage all the activities at the hotel and also can generate reports on various parameter like sales, inventory, occupancy, average room rates, etc., for different time frames.

    The guest’s data saved in the secured centralized reservation system, helps in efficient planning of future promotions and events by analyzing the guest’s behavior, preferences, booking patterns. Invitations can also be sent to guests informing them about such upcoming promotions, events and developing a long term relationship with the guest.

    The reports generated gives up-to date status of every minute activity happening at the hotel which helps in streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and accountability, visualizing future trends and taking informed decisions. Thereby, helping the hotelier to increase the overall revenue for his/her business.

    Cloud PMS for hotels has many helpful and easy to operate features for reviewing, analyzing and reporting different functions at the hotel property.

    Compare future trends with historical data that help in analyzing the trend, like on which occasion or which particular season the rooms are more likely to be occupied and then arrive at an informed decision as to how to optimize and generate more revenue.

    Take more intelligent and more revenue earning decisions by adjusting the room prices after analyzing the current demand, competition and the future trend.

    Hotel sales and revenue data are also presented in graphs and charts, which makes it easier to understand, analyze and arrive at intelligent decisions.

    Various data can be filtered and sorted according to the hotelier’s needs, which helps in arriving at quicker assessment of the operations, demand, competition, trends, etc.

    Easily identify your best sales channel, your most profitable POS. The hotelier then can compare it with historical data and study the trend, to follow a new marketing strategy, modify pricing, create new promotions and increase overall revenues from the business.

    All the old and new marketing strategies along with the price changes, promotions, events are securely stored and backed up in the best hotel PMS. The hotelier can retrieve it at any point of time in future to assess or rework business strategies.

    This is the best cloud based PMS for even small and budget hotels as they can find everything starting from bookings, operations, invoicing, collections and analytics all in one place and can be operated for anywhere, anytime.