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POS latest Upgrades

There are some new feature in POS which can help you in invoice and order  management:-
1. Pay Later and Bill to Company in POS
Once user clicks on settle button, two more options named as “Pay Later” and “Bill to Company” would be visible to settle the order later.
Once User clicks on either Pay Later or Billing to Company,order state would get changed as “Pending for settlement” and user can settle the order later.
Also same would be tracked into the activity logs.  If user tries to settle order either by pay later or bill to company option without guest/company details.
Note: Company details under guest details are mandatory in case of bill to company option.

2. Activity logs for deleted order item

If user either delete any order item or decrease the quantity to 0,same would be tracked into the activity logs now with deleted status.
3. Price Override Option
Now user would be able to give the outlet item price itself by price override irrespective to the define price under MTP.
If user creates any order and add any outlet item,an edit button(pencil icon) would be visible just next to item quantity with every added item.
Also price that is given by price override option at time of order creation would be visible in excel download as well.
4.Future date Order Creation
Now user can create the orders for future dates as well.
A calendar icon would be visible just below the add/edit guest option by which user can change the order delivery date.
5. Activity logs
6.Order history->Order Sold download
7. Split Bill Functionality
Now User can split a bill into multiple bills using a new option introduced Split Bill added within the three vertical dots.
This will be seen only once user will click on Proceed to Billing Option.
8. Generate a new bill.
User need to select all those order items for which he/she wants to generate a new bill.
A new order with the selected order items will be created.
9. Split Not Possible
Once any payment(including cash/card) has been added in orders, user would not be perform split bill for that order.
Below message will be visible:
10. Extra Print Settings under MTP at Outlet level
New custom settings named as Extra Print Settings has been introduced  under MTP->Outlets->Edit Outlet->Settings tab.
In this three more checkbox named as “Allow Multiple Print”,”Enable Price Override and “Enable Direct Bill” will be visible.
By default “Allow Multiple Print”,”Enable Price Override” options will be marked as enabled and “Enable Direct Bill” will be marked as disabled.
11. Table Switch functionality
Now user can switch order form one table into another table and also from any delivery mode to table order as well.
Same will be tracked into the activity logs.
12. Auto populate Guest Details
If user clicks on “Guest” icon, then a pop-up opens in which all fields will be disable except the “Add Guest” field.  System will auto populate the details of Guest and then after selecting the guest, Guest details will be shown and user can also edit it.
13. POS Item Search

Items of a category can be searched in other categories.

For ex. As “Dosa” is in “South-India” category but user can search it in other category and it will be listed.
14. KOT Print
KOT Print will show Outlet name, Order No., Table No. (if order is in retaurant)/Room number (if its order in room)., Steward/User, Token No.
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