• Manage Bookings
  • A hotel management system demo will help you learn how you can view all your bookings together. Confirm, cancel, view all your bookings from various sources in one place.

  • Maximum OTA Integrations
  • We got the best OTAs with the best APIs to deliver the hoteliers the most reliable platform in the industry. While you take a hotel management software demo, you should be aware about the OTA’s that software can integrate with.

  • Manage Inventory and Pricing at the same place
  • Our dashboard gives you a wide view of your entire inventory. Say goodbye to over selling or under selling.

  • Analyze
  • Our platform helps you run analytical reports to monitor each characteristic of your business to help you keep a track of the Hotel’s.

  • Activity logs
  • The CM logs every change made by the user so you can audit what happened and when.

  • Real Time Sync
  • You will see in the Hotel Management Software demo about how the inventory is synchronized in the real time which lets you keep a track of the available inventory.

And the list goes on.

A hotel management system demo plays an important role which helps you to know the interface of the product and to enable the hoteliers to make the right choice.

Property Management System(PMS)

  • Manage reservations, confirmations, room holds, queries, checkins, checkouts, room allocation, point of sale and invoicing with our Smart Chart and generate reports through our analytics suite.

Channel Manager

  • Always On. Always Selling. DJUBO's integrated an always-on channel manager with its centralized reservation system to make room distribution to all your OTAs and GDSs completely automated, seamless and in real-time.

Booking Engine

  • Build your direct revenue strategy, with a beautifully crafted commission free hotel booking engine for your hotel website with an intuitive user interface to deliver a great user experience, and commission-free bookings.

Centralised Reservation System

  • Move away from archaic booking systems and into the cloud. DJUBO’s cloud booking chart maintains a real-time check on all sold and unsold inventory, whether through an OTA, website booking engine, travel agent or a walk-in giving your entire sales, front office and operations team an always updated view of reservations.

Rate Shopper

  • DJUBO Foresight takes all the guesswork out of your pricing and revenue strategy formulation, by allowing you to find the lowest prices being offered by your competitors in future and help you identify the pricing strategy of other hotels around you.

Reputation Manager

  • DJUBO Starsight helps you track, monitor and respond to your guest reviews as well as track your performance against competitors. Use your reputation metrics as an HR tool to bring in employee focus and build processes around it.

Revenue Manager

  • DJUBO Cerebrum helps you maximise your revenues by pricing your rooms dynamically just like an airline. Simply set revenue rules and let Cerebrum do the rest by continuously tracking your occupancy to increase or decrease your rates.

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