• Manage Bookings
  • A hotel management system demo will help you learn how you can view all your bookings together. Confirm, cancel, view all your bookings from various sources in one place.

  • Maximum OTA Integrations
  • We got the best OTAs with the best APIs to deliver the hoteliers the most reliable platform in the industry. While you take a hotel management software demo, you should be aware about the OTA’s that software can integrate with.

  • Manage Inventory and Pricing at the same place
  • Our dashboard gives you a wide view of your entire inventory. Say goodbye to over selling or under selling.

  • Analyze
  • Our platform helps you run analytical reports to monitor each characteristic of your business to help you keep a track of the Hotel’s.

  • Activity logs
  • The CM logs every change made by the user so you can audit what happened and when.

  • Real Time Sync
  • You will see in the Hotel Management Software demo about how the inventory is synchronized in the real time which lets you keep a track of the available inventory.

And the list goes on.

A hotel management system demo plays an important role which helps you to know the interface of the product and to enable the hoteliers to make the right choice.

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