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New Features Released – 29/07/2016

1. Auto Confirmation of Hold Voucher

Voucher will be auto-confirmed if the auto-confirmation checkbox is checked under the Q pay link added automatically on the Hold Voucher.
The voucher would be auto-confirmed on the basis of the status of checkbox and the amount sent in Q pay link.

image (6)

2. Auto Release of Hold Voucher

Hold Voucher will now be auto released on the basis of Hold Release Date and Time Set on Hold voucher and the Auto release checkbox status under the Reminders Section.
Note : By default the checkbox would be unchecked.
image (8)

3. Email Redesign

New email redesigns have been released to production.
image (9)

4. Abbreviations for Room Category

Only abbreviations would now be visible on Reservation chart for Room Categories and Full name would be visible on hover on the corresponding abbreviations.

5. Search Property Field

Now user can search for property through the Property Search dropdown:

image (10)

6. Check-in and Checkout Time on Invoice

Now user can view the check-in and checkout time on voucher invoice.

image (11)

7. Email Notifications to External guest in Case of Booking Source as OTA

Now user can send the Notifications to external guest for vouchers with booking source as OTA.

image (12)

8. New format of Daily Sales and Front Office Reports

Daily Sales and Front office Reports has been revamped with new designs.
New headers have been added as Énquiry Checkins , Hold Checkins in Front Office Reports.
New headers have been added as Enquiry Created in Daily Sales Reports.

9. Meal Plan Included in Daily Front Office and Daily Sales Report

Meal Plan would now be visible in Daily Front Office and Daily Sales Report.
Example : CP x 1 , MAP x 1

10. Email and Check-in Button for Confirmed Vouchers With Source as Direct-Walk-in only with the arrival date as Today’s date

If user creates any voucher with check-in date as today and source as Direct- Walkin , then Email and Check-in button would be visible instead of Confirm and Email button.

image (13)

11. Q Pay SMS checkbox added to Manage This Property Page

Q Pay SMS checkbox has been added to Basic Settings — > Email Settings —> SMS to enable the payment SMS for the Enquiry and Hold Vouchers.
Payment SMS will be sent to the internal/external guests only if the checkbox is checked.

unnamed (1)
12. Separate SMS for payment links for Enquiry /Hold /Confirm Voucher

A separate SMS for payment would be triggered for the hold/enquiry/confirm vouchers if Q-Pay SMS is checked.
For confirmed vouchers , Payment SMS would be sent only if a Q pay payment link has been added.

13. Hold Release Date and Time

Hold Release and Date Time have been added in the Hold Voucher under Reminders Section where user can set the hold release date and the time for the voucher.

image (14)

Case1 : If user creates the voucher with arrival date as today , the Hold Release Date would be check-in date and the time would be two hours after the voucher creation time.
Case2 : By default the value for Hold Release Date and Time would be check-in date and 12:00 pm.

14. Enquiry To Voucher Conversion in case of Specific Room Allocation

If user creates any enquiry with specific room no and the respective room is available.
If same room has been blocked after creating the enquiry , and user does payment for the same through the Q pay link in the external email , Error message would get displayed as ‘Specified Rooms are not available’.’….etc!

15. Available on BE Label under Manage This Property–> Room Category

Available on BE label has now been removed from Manage this Property–> Room Category page but user can enable the Room Category for BE now only from Booking Engine —> General Settings page.

16. Days before hold date has now been set as default value under Reminders Section for Hold/Enquiry.

Updated on July 29, 2016

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