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Adding Task Checklist to Reservation Vouchers

With the tasks feature, you can keep a track of those minute errands or requests for the guests.

The task checklist is associated with each booking voucher. In the task checklist you can the following, from the voucher:

  1. Creating tasks for Add-ons
  2. Creating tasks for Payments
    You can add payment notes as tasks. For example, request payment when bill crosses a certain amount.
  3. Creating tasks for Special Instructions

    Special Instructions are requests made by the guests. These instructions are included in the email voucher that is sent to the guest.
    To add Special Instructions to the task list, simply type in the instructions and then click on the “Add to Tasks” icon next to it.

  4. Creating tasks for Internal Notes

    Internal notes are stored in each voucher and shared only with the staff. They are not sent to the guest in the voucher email as opposed to  “Special Instructions”,  which are.
    To add internal notes to the task list, click on the “+”, enter your notes, and then click on the “Add to Tasks” icon next to it.

Keeping track of finished tasks

You can check off the tasks that have been completed, to easily identify pending tasks.

To do that, simply click on the checkbox next to the task and the text associated with the task will appear strikethrough.

Deleting Tasks

To completely delete the task from the list, simply click on the “Trash Can” icon next to the task.

The task will only get removed from the list and the Add-on, Payment Notes, Special Instruction or Internal Notes will continue to exist in the system.

Updated on July 29, 2016

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