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Djubo Cerebrum Announces New Feature Releases – Djubo

Last updated on February 27th, 2020 at 11:23 am

Djubo Cerebrum Announces New Feature Releases are as Follows:

1.Last Minute and Manage Channel

  • A new section named “Manage Inventory” with three dropdowns(Channel, Sub-channel and Action) has been added in the occupancy rules section under revenue rules.
  • Now user can also manage their inventories(block/unblock) on OTA, Meta and Booking engine with rate plan changes as well.  The user would be able to perform only three actions as Block all, Release All and No change.

The same will be tracked into the activity logs, notifications, alerts as well.

2.Last Minute Exception

  • One more exception named “Last Minute” has also been added.
  • Users will be able to change the rate plan and block/unblock inventories for future dates from now.
  • User needs to define days in days outfield under the Last Minute section.

For Suppose: If user wants to change the rate plan and block/unblock inventory for a particular date automatically lets say 30th July,2018 and Days out is defined as 5 so rate plan and inventory will be changed on 25th July automatically.

Also, same will be tracked into activity logs at CRS, Alerts, Notifications as well.

3.Multi Rule Support in Cerebrum

  • Rule Details tab under the Revenue Rule has been enhanced and three more fields have been added named as Name, Abbreviation and color code.
  • A new tab named as Rules Calendar has also been added under Revenue Rule.
  • Now User can create multiple revenue rules under the rule details tab by clicking on plus (+) sign and can map these revenue rule on the rule calendar tab accordingly.
  • Revenue Rule name and its abbreviation must be unique for each revenue rule.
  • If any revenue rule which is already defined under cerebrum with some exceptions, same would be mapped by default on revenue rule calendar from current date till to the end date of the current year excluding all exception date range.

For Suppose: If multiple revenue rules are mapped on revenue rule calendar, rate plan would be changed as per the revenue rule which is mapped/applied for those dates. and same revenue rule abbreviation would be visible under alerts screen.

Also, a new filter named as revenue rule has been added to filter the alerts.

4.Days Out in Revenue Rule

If any revenue rule is mapped for any date, revenue manager would be active just before the defined days out days.

For Suppose: If any revenue rule named as RR1 is mapped on 16th and 17th July 2018 and having days out as 20 then it would be applicable from 26th june,2018 for 16th july and from 27th june,2018 for 17th july.

Three dots would be visible just next to revenue rule name by which user can edit, delete and deactivate any revenue rule.

5.Any Revenue Rule is Being Marked as Deleted

  • Below confirmation message would be visible.
  • Once user delete any revenue rule, same would also be unmapped on revenue rule calendar by default.

6. Any Revenue Rule is Being Marked as Deactivate

  • same would be visible as deactivated on the rule details tab.
  • Also if revenue rule is applied for any date range on the rule calendar tab, icon says “applied rule is not active” would be visible to indicate that rule is not active for those dates.
  • Once any revenue is marked as deactivated, the user can again activate the same.
  • Once any revenue rule is being mapped on the rule calendar tab, the user can remove/unmapped that revenue rule by selecting that date range.

7.Exceptions Representation on Revenue Rule Calendar

  • If any day of the week of the revenue rule is marked as an exception, an icon with message”this day of week is in exception of applied rule”would be visible on revenue rule calendar.
  • If rate plan is manually mapped for any date range either by rate planner tab under MTP or by rate calendar under revenue manager, an icon with message”Rate plan is manually overridden by V5 admin” on revenue rule calendar for those dates.

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