Hotel Management System djubo-hotel-management-solution

A Cost Effective Hotel Management System

An Enterprise level hotel sale soultions that fits your Budget

No Contracts or Lock-in periods

Flexible pricing based on usege and requirement

Why DJUBO Is A Cost Effective Hotel Management System?

DJUBO is not only an efficient Hotel Sales Management Software solution, it is a cost-effective one too. With DJUBO, there are no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises. What you see is what you pay.

There are no lock-in periods and nothing to stop you from leaving, because we know, once you have experienced the power of DJUBO, you wouldn’t want to leave.

We offer flexible, pay as you go, monthly, quarterly, and annual plans for the hotel channel manager, while a performance based pricing for the hotel direct booking engine. With features that go beyond channel management such as cloud-based collaborative booking chart, email and SMS integration, and much more all seamlessly integrated with each other on web-based portal, we are sure you will find DJUBO to be a great investment.

DJUBO, a 360 degree hotel sales platform integrating a channel manager, direct booking engine and a Centralized Reservation System Hotel into one, all the amazing features available to your without burning a hole in your pocket.After all, DJUBO is all about maximizing your hotel revenue.