Hotel Channel Management System hotel-channel-management-solutions

Unmatched Channel Management Capabilities

Manage Multiple OTAs Simultaneously in Real-Time

Auto-update room Inventory and rates accross all OTAs

Avoid Overbookings and Simplify management with auto-updating Booking Chart

Unmatched Channel Management With DJUBO

DJUBO’s channel management capabilities are unparalleled. We don’t contest the fact that hotel channel managers have been there for quite a while. So, what exactly makes DJUBO special?

Aside from the direct booking management engine, centralized reservation system and other strategic benefits of DJUBO, it’s the approach to hotel channel management that makes it unique and simply put the Best Channel Manager For Hotels.

Most hotel channel manager systems in their present form would not directly be communicating with the actual booking chart that controls the booking and hold queries, thereby requiring hotel sales managers to manually update the systems. DJUBO employs cutting-edge technologies to deliver a cloud-based channel manager and Hotel Reservation System with an intuitive user interface and the ability to automatically manage your inventory on all online channels with minimal effort on your part.

And DJUBO keeps pushing out any pending room inventory for all future dates and automatically as per your precise specifications. Get unmatched control over your hotel room inventory, as you manage online channels, offline agents and direct bookings through a single web-based interface. DJUBO also allows for easy price and inventory adjustment across multiple sales channels for peak or low days. DJUBO provides detailed analytics that allow to assess the most profitable of channels and help you push out more room inventory into that channel. DJUBO is freedom from the time-intensive activity of manually updating the channel management systems, giving you more time to focus on other hotel functions to improve guest satisfaction without having to worry about dwindling revenues. Customize distribution based on your requirements and forget about rushing to update inventory after every ‘sold out’ alert on your OTA listings.