cost-saving-ideas-for-hotels cost-saving-ideas-for-hotels

Minimize Hotel Management Costs

Reduce Human resources Expenditure By Automating Sales desk tasks.

Reduce cost of hardware imfrastructure and system maintenane.

DJUBO | Works Towards Minimizing Hotel Costs

Hotel Channel Management, Hotel Revenue Management, Hotel Inventory Management – terms thrown around explaining how you can improve your hotel’s revenue generation capabilities. But incorporating these strategies and systems incur costs as well. It will become an exercise in futility if you have to spend a ton on human resources to negate all the benefits.

Channel management is a time consuming process. Even with a standalone channel management software, you can’t achieve much without massive human resource investment to work the software. Manually matching the fluctuating room availability and updating requires a huge effort to be put in and even then the chance of mismanagement of rooms is a huge possibility. This has been the primary reasons why hotel managers shy away from pushing their entire available room inventory and thereby missing out on revenue generation opportunities.

DJUBO not only automates the entire process of channel management, it also renders deploying an army of managers entirely unnecessary. You need no more than one person to use the immensely simplified user interface, even with all that functionality. All the hard work is done by DJUBO.

But wait, there’s more. DJUBO also incorporates a direct booking management engine and a Central Hotel Reservation System to manage all your direct bookings, thereby providing an integrated and cost-effective hotel software solution. Being a cloud-based software solution, DJUBO also saves you a ton of money on hardware system and its maintenance.

Oh! We almost forgot, DJUBO also reduces your dependence on offline travel agents to save revenue trickling away as agency commission.