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5 Most Bizarre Requests From Hotel Guests

Last updated on May 15th, 2019 at 01:55 pm

“There have been an unbelievable number of bizarre guest requests in hotels across the globe. Here are five of those jaw dropping, crazy requests.”

How many times has your hotel staff been requested for water heated exactly at 38 degrees? Oh! And you also thought being asked for two and not one ironing board was crazy! What about the free tattoo sticker with the bag of chips that you forgot to give your customer and had to tolerate a loud outburst for it?

Are you laughing thinking about all of those times when your hotel had to face not-so-common requests by crazy customers? Wait till you read about these 5 requests and feel like ‘All of my customers were saints y’all’.

Caution: Grab some pillows if you have to because you are definitely going to need shock absorbers after reading these.

    1. The Man of My Dreams on My Bed

      No. We don’t mean any kind of an interesting romp happening between two hot individuals in a luxurious hotel room. So get that picture out of your head right away. This is about a woman named, Sarah Kovacs Gryzwacz, Nicholas Cage and Hotel Indigo in San Antonio Riverwalk. No, it is still not what you think it is. Believe it or not, this is about a PICTURE of NICHOLAS CAGE that this woman requested for to welcome her when she returns from her conference.

Well, did the hotel politely decline the request and laugh it off? NO. The hotel staff GRANTED this request. And there… his picture was waiting for her in the room. All other requests involving Nicholas Cage pictures were granted throughout her stay. And here, we don’t even get a bottle of water on time.

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    1. Duck You!
      Not refraining from profanity here but mind you, there is a much important thing being asked for. You can’t possibly find someone asking for a rubber duck in their bathtub in a hotel room funny!

A guest actually requested for a LARGE rubber duck for his bathroom during his stay at Premier Inn, Goldstone. And guess what? The guest in question here was not a toddler! He was a full grown man!

    1. Ruffle My Feathers One More Time

      Well, if you have recovered from the ducks, there are other birds waiting in queue. Not one but a hundred of them plastic flamingos filling up the entire room. If you are wondering who requested this incredible flamingo sanctuary in his room, it was a guest at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs. The hotel did answer his request, with hundred plastic flamingos filling up the entire room. Déjà vu? Excuse my repetition but I think I am going cuckoo in my head!

Hotel New Orchid - Case Study

    1. Elephantaria

      What is it with humans and animals? A towel folded and made into an elephant is a REAL request by a REAL person who is over the age of 18. Along with this was also a request for a pillow fort. Ahem! The W Seattle hotel fulfilled this request.

Me calling W Seattle: Well, I’d like to have an 8 feet dinosaur made out of confetti and red leaves.
W Seattle: ‘Sorry, ma’am, we are overbooked until 2056’

I am done with this planet. Take me to Mars please.

  1. Don’t Touch Me.. I Mean My Bed

    Now this is something! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder level 17390. The housekeeping staff at White Cedar Inn at Maine couldn’t be happier to know that this particular guest did not want the bed cleaned up. Well, forget about cleaning up, he didn’t even want them to TOUCH his bed! He went a step further with his paranoia by putting a note on the bed that said ‘DO NOT TOUCH’. It couldn’t get crazier than this!

While you prepare your hotel and staff to handle such bizarre requests, for those ‘just in case’ moments, we’re preparing our very own crazy wishlist for hotels to fulfil… a room with taps serving beer, three otters swimming in the bathtub, a bed full of snickers, an ostrich as my means of commute.

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What are you sniggering at, huh? As compared to what you just read, our requests are definitely far more reasonable! Ok, maybe not the ostrich bit but the rest of it is all doable.
We would love to know the craziest you have ever received from your guests that has driven you and your staff up the wall?…

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