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Creating Rule-based Cancellation Policy

Now you can set up rule-based reservation cancellation policies, that a guest can view when making a booking through the booking engine.

To create a new cancellation policy:

  • Go to “Manage this Property” by selecting it from the “Views” drop-down.
  • Select “Basic Settings” from the right-hand side menu and select “Cancellation Rules”.




  • To add or create a new rule click on the “Add” button.




  • In the pop-up window click on “+ Add Cancellation Slab” and add as many cancellation slabs as you want.
    (If you wish to maintain a fixed cancellation charge for all reservations regardless of the time before check-in, fill in the penalty in the default existing box.)




  • For each slab, enter:

Days from Checkin: This is the time period before check-in date for which the cancellation policy will be applied.

Penalty: This is the percent value that would be deducted from the booking amount if reservation is cancelled “___ Days before check-in” .

In the example below, if a guest cancels their reservation at any time, 10% of booking amount will be deducted. If they cancel between 10 – 4 days before check-in, then a deduction of 40% and 3 days or less prior to check-in, no refund.


  • Click “Save” and the new cancellation rule should now be visible and will supersede all other cancellation rules.
  • Therefore, the most recent cancellation rule set added will be applicable on your bookings, and show up in the vouchers, booking engine and TripAdvisor Instant Bookings.


Updated on July 18, 2016

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