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Connecting to TripAdvisor Instant Booking through DJUBO

DJUBO is a certified TripAdvisor partner for Instant Booking and if you are using the DJUBO system you are eligible for TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking feature.


You can push live rates and inventory to TripAdvisor Instant Booking through DJUBO. To do that you must:

  • Have the DJUBO booking engine active to be able to use this feature. TripAdvisor Instant Booking rates are the same as ones you set for your booking engine.
  • It is mandatory to have your cancellation policies set-up to use this feature. (Learn how to set Cancellation Policies)

Step 1: Signing Up for Instant Booking on TripAdvisor




  • Sign-In to your TripAdvisor account that you use to manage your property.




  • The next screen should show you a list of properties associated with your TripAdvisor Account that are eligible for TripAdvisor Instant Bookings. Choose the property for which you wish to activate the feature by clicking “Ready to Go”.




  • Click on “Get Started” to continue. If you see multiple options to choose from, simply click on “Get Started” for “DJUBO”.


Note: If your property shows as “Not Eligible” or “DJUBO” is not available in your list, ensure that you have an active DJUBO Booking Engine and at least 24 hours have passed since its activation. If you still face problem, please get in touch with us at support@djubo.com



  • Now TripAdvisor will ask you to check the details of your property as listed on DJUBO. Please note that the hotel website will show as https://beta.djubo.com which is normal (as they are verifying our details) and if other details are correct you should click on “Continue”. (Your website on the TripAdvisor listing will not change. It will still be linked to your hotel’s website.)







  • In the next step, TripAdvisor will choose random dates and pull the rates from the DJUBO system as a sample. If the calculated price of the complete stay is correct for each room category and meal plan, then click on “Correct” to continue.
    If there is a discrepancy, please get in touch with us at support@djubo.com.




  • Next, TripAdvisor will ask for your credit card details. This is the credit card to which TripAdvisor will charge the commissions. Fill in the billing & card details and click “Continue”. Depending from bank to bank, there might be an additional authorization check by the bank which you have to complete before you are automatically redirected to the confirmation page.




  • Confirm your payment details and accept the T&C, and click on “Complete Sign-up” button to start using TripAdvisor Instant Booking.




Now you should make some changes through the DJUBO system to improve your guest’s booking experience on TripAdvisor.

 Step 2: Editing Information for Instant Bookings in DJUBO

The entire booking process for Instant Booking takes place on the TripAdvisor website.

To improve a user’s booking experience and increase your chances of getting more bookings, you should understand the booking flow & user interface on TripAdvisor and incorporate some changes:

Cancellation Policies:

When a user books through TripAdvisor, they are taken through the cancellation policies of the hotel.

Therefore, it is imperative that the correct cancellation policies be set in DJUBO. (Learn how to create cancellation policies in DJUBO)


Room Category Information:

All room categories and their descriptions and images are pulled directly from the existing room category settings in DJUBO. (Learn how to create and edit room categories.)


Room Category Descriptions:

Ensure that your room descriptions are true to what you are offering and are differentiated enough that the users see value in paying that extra amount to book rooms in higher categories.


Room Category Images:

Make sure the room images are appealing and entice the user to book and the differentiation point for your room categories is highlighted.


TripAdvisor Information & Settings:

TripAdvisor also displays additional information such as property and room amenities. These need to be marked in the TripAdvisor settings in DJUBO. This will ensure that your guests get the right information from your hotel and help sell your product better by highlighting the amenities available at your hotel and rooms. (Learn how to modify your TripAdvisor Instant Booking information through DJUBO)

Updated on July 18, 2016

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