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9 SUCCESS MANTRAS for Higher Bookings through AIRBNB

9 SUCCESS MANTRAS for Higher Bookings through AIRBNB

DJUBO Channel Manager is one of the world’s first official API Integration Partners of AIRBNB. In line with our intent to educate our client hotels about AIRBNB here is a checklist we have put together which represents DOs and DONTs which can help you succeed on AIRBNB with more bookings.

1. Profile Picture: The profile picture has to be of the host managing the Airbnb account. (Person responsible for taking care of all the bookings coming to the listings under this profile) – Should be a human picture


Photo of property as the profile picture

2. Listing Photos: A minimum of 10 good quality photos – ensure that only photos of that specific room category are uploaded for a Private room. For an Entire Home, please ensure that photos of all the rooms are provided. Listing photos should include at least 2 Photos of the bedroom, 1 photo of the washroom, Only photos of areas where guests have access (Kitchen, Living room, Common areas, etc)

3. Special Emphasis on Cover Photos: No two listings should have the same cover photo – The most appealing photo should ideally be made the cover photo.


  • Commercial names/hotel name or watermarks in any photos
  • Washroom/Kitchen to not be made cover photos

4. Listing Description: Keep a minimum word count for description of 100 words. Ensure filling the information that would ideally cover all aspects of the home/experience being provided by the host in the following buckets – The Space – Guest Access – Guest Interaction – Other things to note – Neighborhood overview – Getting Around


Use of commercial/property name

5. Listing Title: Listing title should be descriptive in nature and not a commercial/hotel name. (The system allows a maximum of 25 characters). For example “Hotel Taj Palace/Room No 204.” will not be approved for listing. However “Spacious Luxury Suite on MG Road” is acceptable. Listing title could include the kind of experience being provided, locality of the property, category or configuration of the property etc. Example: ‘Peaceful 2BHK near Andheri Station’

6. Amenities: From the available list of amenities, minimum of 5 should be marked as offered. The higher are the number of amenities the more are your chances of success. If you are missing basic amenities like WIFI or breakfast then it can affect your success.

7. Profile Summary: A minimum of 20 words about the host (not the property) – hobbies, passions, places travelled to, reasons for hosting on Airbnb etc. Since Airbnb guests know they are going to be living with a semi-professional host, they more often than not base their choice of accommodation by looking at the profile of the host and if they will get along or not. So it’s important that you are some information about yourself too on your page.

8. Response Rate: If any user asks you a question via AIRBNB app be sure to reply at the earliest possible. Higher response rate and speed of response increase your AIRBNB visibility and changes of success.

9. Reviews: For any property to see success, the last but probably THE MOST IMPORTANT point is positive user reviews. If you can even generate your first positive review, it can start giving you immediate results and greater traction which can snowball into way higher bookings over time.

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