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Handling Facebook In-House

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Handling Facebook in-house is tough and running out of content & photographs is absolutely normal! Read this blog on some great ideas for Facebook marketing. 

We think Travel Tips, Humour Stories about everyday life in the hotel and Top 10 lists about things to do around your hotel are absolutely great ways to getting more clicks!

Once you’ve read through it, we suggest you concentrate on getting some attractive photography. You can also collect stock images for posts (food related) on websites such as Pixabay and Freepik. They’re free!

After you’ve got enough pictures in order, visit Canva to create your social media post.

Plan your posts in advance and schedule them for the coming weeks. Try and schedule your posts for a different time on each day to see what works best for your hotel’s facebook page.

Now that you’ve made your post you’re ready to go! If you want to schedule your posts on other social media platforms such as Google +, Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram – Try using tools such as Hootsuite orBuffer.

Lastly and most importantly – Boost your posts! The net reach of a facebook post is 2.6%. Your audience is not seeing your posts if you aren’t advertising!

Here are all the different objectives you can have for your advertisements on Facebook – you can choose whether you want people to like your page, like your posts or visit your website.


Here are a couple of guides (by Facebook themselves) on how to create your Facebook ads, how to run them, and much more.

Hope you enjoyed our short guide on Handling Facebook in-house!

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