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How to Increase Hotel Revenue

Last updated on April 11th, 2019 at 06:20 am

Managing and operating a successful hotel now a days is a challenge in itself. Management and staff need to be in sync when it comes to daily operations, cost controls, and customer service. As all goes hand in hand. It’s important to balance and control costs, while working to increase revenues to remain profitable.

Strategies To Increase Your Hotel Revenue

  1. Keep Employees Happy And Encourage Them To Be Salesmen

    Your employees are your most important assets. It’s important to keep them happy and focused on your guests. Encourage your team to come up with ways to cut costs, increase revenues and maximize customer service. Reward them their ideas and efforts. Happy employees engage positively with guests.

  2. Provide Outstanding Service

    Happy guests will definitely spread a positive word of mouth. They will tell friends and family about their experience. The Internet has created a world of instant feedback, both positive and negative. An unhappy guest can come back to haunt you with negative reviews. Keep your guests happy by providing top of the line service.

  3. Use Technology

    List your property on an online group booking platform like GoMMT, Agoda etc. A platform like this will generate leads and help you increase your overall group hotel bookings.

  4. Create High-Perceived Value

    Guests are willing to pay more if they feel they are receiving value for their money. The actual value is less important than perceived value. Try to move up the hotel rating scale. Going from a 3-star to a 4-star rating can make a big difference in how you are perceived.

  5. Host Special Events And Private Functions

    If you have space, you can increase group bookings by hosting business conferences, special events, reunions, family gatherings and weddings.

  6. Work To Increase Point-Of-Sale Revenue Opportunities

    Partnering with local vendors like car rental companies, restaurants, amusement parks and concert venues allows you to sell additional services to guests. Use your front desk, gift shop or other areas to sell tickets, rent cars, or offer guests special discounts.

  7. Market Directly To Your Guests

    Gather contact information including the guest’s email address. Social media networking sites can help keep you in contact with prior guests and engage with new potential clients. Develop relationships, create special offers for returning guests, and create an email newsletter to keep your name “front of mind”.

  8. Encourage Guest Referrals

    Encourage happy guests to spread the word about their experience. Reward them with discounts for their next stay, free meals, or gift cards.

  9. Make Your Hotel Stand Out From Your Competitors

    Give guests a reason to choose you. You can differentiate your hotel using pricing, outstanding customer service, free entertainment by the pool, or a later checkout time. Be creative!

    Even in a competitive environment, it’s possible to make changes that will increase your bottom line. By using creative and proactive solutions, you can reduce your operating costs and increase revenues without disrupting your day-to-day operation.

Increase Your Hotel Sales

  1. Speed Up Your Hotel Website

    Slow site speeds can fracture your conversions rates. Research shows that up to 75% of people will leave for a competitor’s site to avoid dealing with delays.

  2. Make Your Hotel Gallery Page Sparkle

    Your hotel gallery page is where potential guests come to find out more about you. It helps them decide if you’re the right hotel for them, by showing off your personality and your (hopefully!) polished rooms.

  3. Keep Your Site As Simple

    According to a Google study in 2012, websites that are visually complex are seen as less effective and less aesthetically appealing. This is why simplifying your design and navigation is essential. Along with making your site faster, it will help guests consume information quicker and leads to cognitive ease, beefing up your persuasive power.

  4. Limited Packages

    Too much choice causes friction, and friction damages booking rates. Avoid overwhelming potential guests with choices. Limit your packages and navigational options to the essentials.

  5. Bring Guest’s Emotions Into Play With Visual Stories

    67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important and carry even more weight than the product information and customer ratings. Travelers are 150% more engaged with listings that have more than 20 photos than with properties that have only a few photos.

    Images pack a huge emotional punch and can help turn casual visitors into guests. But that’s only if you’re using them correctly.

  6. Get Mobile Savvy

    With over a quarter of the online travel market’s money coming through mobile, making your website responsive or adaptive for mobile isn’t a choice anymore. If you want to get more bookings and maximize revenue, it’s a must.

    Make sure you’ve got a separate concept for your mobile site as well. If it just looks like a shrunken version of your desktop site, odds are you’re trying to fit too many elements on too small a screen, and visitors will be confused as a result.

  7. Back Up Claims With Social Proof

    Your potential guests are bombarded with tons of ads, and are wary of the claims that your hotel makes. They’ll be a lot more accepting of what other guests say about you. This is why social proof is a must. To implement social proof you can use:

    1. Testimonials
    2. Ratings and reviews
    3. Badges, awards or certificates
  8. Have A Killer Landing Page

    Many people focus heavily on SEO, PPC or content marketing…and rightly so. They’re great tools for getting potential guests through the door. But there’s one thing that tends to get neglected, and that’s the landing page. Slapping together a last minute landing page will undermine all your other marketing efforts. The landing page is where potential guests are converted into paying customers.

Tips To Increase Hotel Occupancy During Low Season

Every once in a while, every hotel experiences the slow phase resulted by the seasonal market condition. The hotels usually decrease the hotel rates in order to fill the occupancy. This action will definitely bring disadvantages for the hotel revenue itself. Following steps can help you maximise your revenue during the low seasons and boost hotel bookings.

  1. Create Special Packages

    Your hotel can boost your occupancy by creating special package deals to attract guests. It can be the “valentine package”, “family package”, “couple package” that will include the complimentary goods for each of the package. Not only it will bring joy and satisfaction for the customer, but also going to be a good promotion for your hotel as well. With this marketing strategy, your hotel can also set a higher price, in exchange for the value your hotel provides for the consumer’s experience.

  2. Use Discount Deals And Promo Codes

    People love discounts. They will consider the discounts offered by your hotel, since it is going to put them in a plummy position because it is such a nice deal. You can target a specific consumer for the discount, such as discount for student, or discount for elderly. As an alternative, you can also put the discount promotion in the selected restaurant in town that you’ve been working with. Of course, term and condition may apply depends on your agreement. You can also put the discount promotion through social media.

  3. Promote Your Hotel To The Local Company

    You can increase hotel occupancy rate by promoting your hotel to the local company for their events. This includes business seminar and company meetings. As we know, such events are conducted with so many guests. Thus, emphasizing promotion specifically for selected company is important. These kinds of events are profitable, because chance are, the company will book many rooms at a time. You can also keep in mind that some of the business events are held annually, so it can be the source of a more secure revenue for your hotel.

  4. Get Exposure Through Social Media

    Social media has become the inseparable part of society’s lifestyle nowadays. To increase hotel occupancy, your hotel can make use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram to do promotion activities. For example, your hotel can try to make a quiz. The lucky winner can get the voucher to stay at your hotel for one until two nights. It will surely boost your hotel to gain more exposure and also attention from the netizen. Using social media marketing as the promotion tools can widen your market and also deliver your messages and promotion to an even larger audience. By applying this strategy during the low peak period, you will already on your way to increase the occupancy.

  5. Utilize Local Business And Events

    During the low peak period, it is important for your hotel to create more demand. You can utilize the local business and events as a marketing chance to attract more guests in your hotel. Always note the upcoming concerts, festivals, fairs, marathons, and parades in your city. Utilize local businesses and trending events as a marketing opportunity to draw in guests to your hotel and increase hotel occupancy.

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